Rainy Day Lazy




I have a dog wit I have a dog with propensity to sit on my knitting. I though this was supposed to be a cat thing? I have a half day off from the big kid job and it’s a rainy soggy day outside. So what better than to work on my August FAL project while sitting on my couch and listen to the rain fall softly outside?



Well apparently Chloe had other designs on it….so I headed to downstairs to throw in some laundry. What did I find as I exited the laundry room and walking through our guest room? Why, that is Chloe snuggling into my Chevron Lap Blanket on the guest bed.



And by snuggling, I mean rubbing her stinky wet rainy day dog smell all over it. Good thing it’s acrylic and I can toss it in the wash, lol. That’s just what I need…more laundry!



She’s too cute to be mad at long. And as long as she is snuggling my FO I can go and grab the WIP blanket before she can plant on top of it!!!

Hope all is well for you this Thursday!!!

Rhythm of the needles

There is something so special about the rhythm of your knitting needles as the form row after row of neat stitches. This is compounded by the sound of gentle rain against the house. After a long day of work I can literally feel the stress release with every relaxing stitch.

Who can argue with this view? And not to mention finally some rain to ease the drought we’ve been having!


Tonight is for quality movie time with the hubs and leftovers from last nights cooking adventure. Ok and maybe some or a lot of knitting 🙂

However not all members of our house are as excited about the rain….

No trips to the park today buddy, maybe tomorrow.