Knitting Disaster

I am always knitting something and to be brutally honest I am usually knitting many projects at once. Lately I have been churning and burning items for my booths at a fall and winter craft sales coming in November and December. It’s been daunting lately and I felt a strong pull to make something special, just for myself.
I made a quick swing through the yarn store and picked up some luxurious (and expensive) yarn. I studied patterns and picked a super sweet shrug design that would be perfect for fall. And with that I was off to the races!
I had just grafted my second hank of yarn on the first and had about 10 inches complete……then disaster struck! I had purchased Denise Interchangeables early this year and I had used the crap of the larger needles. This was my first project with the US 5 size. I went to push the work down off the needle onto the cord so i could turn to start the next row and SNAP! The needle broke right above where it attached to the cord!



I gasp do loudly that my husband came to see what was wrong from the room. I had dropped about 25 sts across and 2 rows down. This was 15 minutes before I had to walk out the door for a performance at the local theatre. I wanted to cry and scream at the same time! I knew I didn’t have any other 5s on hand do I grabbed a set of US 6s and carefully picked up the loose stitches so I didn’t lose any more work and then ran out the door.


The next day I swung by Joann’s and picked up some Boye’s metal US 6 29 inch circs. I very carefully frogged my piece back off the broken 5s and temporary 6s onto the new 5s. Took me over an hour, but by golly I got it fixed. A quick count told me I still had all 216 sts! I am now halfway done 🙂


I know knitting disasters happen to knitters of all levels and I am better for it. I didn’t panic and frog the whole thing and I’m calling that a win! This will be a sweater to remember!

I am also contacting Denise about a replacement needle. I know the needles are low end plastic…but they structurally failed on the first project! All the larger sizes have performed beautifully and I had been very happy with my set. Time will tell…

Happy Knitting to all!

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