Happiness Is Finished Socks!

Tah Dah!

I couldn’t wait for FO Friday for these. My Happy Socks in Happy Feet are done. I dealt with that pesky dropped stitch. I had a teeny tiny ball of yarn left and they fit pretty well. Goals accomplished!

The 70 stitch count fits a bit better than the 68 I was using before, especially in the foot. I’m considering doing a hybrid on my next pair. Like a 70 stitch foot and a 66 or 68 stitch leg? That way they really hug each area. 

I really like how the 2×2 rib keeps the sock from falling down. The yarn isn’t the softest but I think it will wear well. I used my own vanilla pattern and my notes are raveled here. 

The best part? I can start my Rainbow Socks!!!

Happy knitting!

One Tiny Stitch

I’ve been plowing through my Happy Sock #2. Thanks to some good Jellybean naps, long work meetings, and general knitting obsession I’ve passed the heel and working up the leg!

Just one problem…

One. Tiny. Stitch!

I dropped a stitch when I knit in the afterthought heel. I didn’t notice right away and its dropped down three rows. I managed to stop it and secure it by using some scrap yarn for now. I’m not going to frog back to it, I’ve gone to far and I just want to be done already! My inkling is to ladder the stitch back up and secure it with an extra peice of yarn woven through the purl bumps.

Now where is my tiny crochet hook???

Conquering SSS

Onward and upward!


This is the second sock of my  is on the needles! Jellybean took a good 3 hour nap this past weekend and I knit the toe increases (twice actually because I had a dropped stitch make a huge whole). I really like the fabric this yarn creates but the toe and heel sections are hell on my fingers. The yarn is not the softest but should make a hard wearing sock.

Now to power through this second sock so I can get my hands on my Rainbow Socks! Fighting the SSS (second sock syndrome) hard core on this one…

Happy knitting!

(Almost) FO Friday: Happy Socks

Happy Sock number one is done!!


As weird as it looked off the needles, it sure fits like a dream! And has anyone else done that special brand of yoga that is photographing your own foot? I almost fell out of my chair, lol!

Now I just need to start sock #2. If Jellybean will take a good nap today then that just might happen!

Happy knitting!

WIP Wednesday: Happy Socks


The heel is in place and I’m working up the leg. I do find this odd to look at with the stockinette foot looking so large and the ribbed leg so skinny. But it should hug my foot like a dream!

My only question is how far to work up the leg. I had intended to use up all my yarn. But I have knit a quite a bit and still have a healthy ball left. How long is too long? I have very manly athletic calves and don’t want the socks too tight even with the ribbing.

Looking at this I got all excited about being almost done when I realized I STILL HAVE TO KNIT SOCK #2! And I really want to be done so I can start my rainbow socks!

Must. Keep. Knitting!

What’s On My Needles #4

My Happy Feet socks are well on their way!


I’m doing a modified vanilla sock with afterthought heel. (These are a little farther on than the photo above.) I really want to maximize the yardage out of this yarn. I weighed ball #2 and knit the afterthought heel on sock #1. Then reweighed ball #2 after the heel was done to find it took 4 grams of yarn. Now I’m free to knit the leg of sock #1 until I have 4-5 grams of yarn left for heel #2. I feel pretty smart and really hopes this doesn’t bite me later…

I’m trusting on good fortune from the yarn gods!

Happy Knitting!!

What’s On My Needles #3

After casting off both my Rye and Very Berry socks last week I couldn’t leave my needles idle for long! I pulled from my deep sock stash……


This is Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet in red/burgundy/purples. It’s a superwash merino and nylon blend. I plan on using a basic vanilla sock over 70 stitches this time. I’m not sure what kind of afterthought heel I’m going to use, possibly Fish Lips Kiss Heel?

So far this yarn appears to be heavier than my other fingering. It’s making a denser fabric. I don’t hate it as I know it will be warm. I think I’ll keep going and see how it goes!

Yarn Splurge

I was a bad bad girl on my birthday. I hit the “Going Out of Business” sale at my LYS like a Kansas tornado. I couldn’t pass up the 30% discount on the entire store stock. I snatched two sweaters worth of worsted weight, three single skeins of DK weight, some sock yarn, and finally some yummy tweed for a cowl or hat.

Wanna see?


Berroco Vintage in teal


Berroco Vintage in oatmeal


Berroco Vintage DK in pink


Berroco Vintage DK in purple


Berroco Vintage DK in black


Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet in burgundy


Knit One Crochet Two Brae Tweed in green

Now to head over to my Ravelry queue to find some perfect patterns…..

Happy Knitting!