One Tiny Stitch

I’ve been plowing through my Happy Sock #2. Thanks to some good Jellybean naps, long work meetings, and general knitting obsession I’ve passed the heel and working up the leg!

Just one problem…

One. Tiny. Stitch!

I dropped a stitch when I knit in the afterthought heel. I didn’t notice right away and its dropped down three rows. I managed to stop it and secure it by using some scrap yarn for now. I’m not going to frog back to it, I’ve gone to far and I just want to be done already! My inkling is to ladder the stitch back up and secure it with an extra peice of yarn woven through the purl bumps.

Now where is my tiny crochet hook???

13 thoughts on “One Tiny Stitch

  1. I had the same on my Hederas. I’d obviously not properly slipped the stitches on a CDD and they were loose. I did exactly as you plan to – catch them on a bit of yarn woven at the back.

  2. I used to work for IBM in NY while living in California. We had regular, very long meetings that I knit through the entire time. It actually helped me stay focused. Love teleconferences.

  3. I have knitted for several years, but (hard to believe) I had never seen the term “frog it” for fixing a dropped stitch until the other day when I was on a knitting site! I agree that no one would notice if you just weave it in!

  4. I have too much going on right now but I need to get back to the socks. hubby is waiting for a pair. I saw a pattern for finger less gloves made out of sock yarn.

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