WIP Wednesday: Stashbustin’ #22

Here is the progress on my Florelei shawl or Stashbustin’#22…..










Doesn’t look much different from last time you say? Oh well that’s because I HATE CHART B!! I am however Queen of Chart A! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I know how to do all the stitches in Chart B, they are actually easy. But no matter how careful I am I seed to end up with stitch markers in the wrong places or the wrong number of total stitches at the end of the row after a couple of rows. The yarn overs seem to be giving me the hardest time.

What am I doing wrong? Lace can’t be this hard!!!

I love the photos of other people’s finished projects and the Cascade Sunseeker yarn is beyond yummy and gorgeous. Not to mention the yarn stands up well to frogging. I am not giving up on this project. I’m going to cull the collective wisdom of the blog world. Then I’m going to have a glass of wine (or twelve). Then this project is going to hibernate for a couple of weeks (I go into tech week for my play next week and won’t have time to knit anyway). Then…then I say I shall attack renewed!!

Any advice for a lace newbie?

9 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Stashbustin’ #22

  1. well, i’m a lace newbie too…but I did have a problem with YOs when I tried mine… I found that if the YO was right before the stitch marker, I had to be careful not to let it slip either under the marker or all the way around it. If it slipped under the marker, then my marker would be in the wrong place, and if it twisted around completely, it would no longer have a YO, the previous stitch would just be looser. Once I noticed it happening though, it was easy to keep an eye out for.

  2. The only thing I can think of is to check the stitches before and after the yo carefully. I got in a mess on a project recently with a yo between a purl and a knit because (as I’m sure you already know) you don’t actually do a yo at all – you just leave the yarn at the front after the purl then it creates a yo when you knit the next stage. Easiest yo of all but it took me three attempts to realise why I kept going wrong! Hope you figure it out.

  3. I’m no queen of lace myself, but here’s how it usually goes for me.
    1. Attempt.
    2. Screw up.
    3. Swear.
    4. Rip back.
    5. Coffee.
    6. Try again.
    Sometimes I can stop at six, but sometimes these extra steps are involved.
    7. Screw up.
    8. Swear.
    9. Rip back.
    10. Wine.
    11. Try again.
    If that fails, I put it in time out for a while.

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