Finding Style

I took Jellybean to the library this past weekend to run off some steam in a kid friendly environment. While he was playing I picked up a book I’ve been eyeing awhile.

It’s Knit Wear Love by Amy Herzog (who is a genius). I previously read Knit To Flatter back in 2014. This book has been out for awhile and all over the blogosphere and podcast world. It was a good read and written at a nice level for me to absorb. It was really interesting to take the time to pin down my “style”. I’m a casual and sporty kind of girl by the way. I gravitate to light fabrics, open cardigans, long sleeves, or just nice cozy pieces. I’m not in place (post baby) that I feel like fitted is a happy place for me. My mom tummy is still working itself down/out. My go to sweater right now is my store bought black fingering weight cashmere open front cardigan with long sleeves. It’s warm, soft, and makes me happy. 

After reading this book, I know at this time in my life I’m probably not going to knit a sweater out of these meta patterns. I just don’t have the bandwidth. But I think I will use the tips and techniques for good construction on other projects. This is definitely a good read if you are into sweaters and want good solid pieces that fit well. Just not one to buy for my personal library right now, maybe later.

Happy Knitting!

4 thoughts on “Finding Style

  1. I love her books and I am excited for her next one 🙂 I learned so much from these two books (“knit wear love” and “knit to flatter”). And I would give so much for a decent library….

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