WIP Wednesday: Active Vanilla Socks  

I pulled some yarn from my 2016 Sock Experiment to start my next pair of socks! The winner was the Active 6-ply from Regia in eye searing hot pink! I wanted a thick and quick project (relatively speaking for socks).

I’m working on size 3US needles over 60 stitches for a toe up vanilla sock. I’ve never worked toe up socks on these large of needles with this heavy of yarn so I’m wary of my guage. I need to pull out one of my fingering weight socks and  measure the total width of the foot fabric. Just eyeballing this sock…it feels big. But we all know swatches and our eyes can lie! Along the same lines, I’m going to work a gusset heel instead of an afterthought heel because I don’t know how far one ball of yarn will go. I only have two balls! I’m sure it will be fine but better safe than sorry.

As for the yarn, it’s not the softest. It feels rather like rope to me. The caveat being that I’m also working on a cashmere/merino blend socks. So I’ll withhold texture judgment until they are done. 

Happy Knitting!

6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Active Vanilla Socks  

  1. love the color! Don’t; worry about texture yet, you know washing does wonders for socks. 🙂 I love toe up socks because you can just go up the leg until you run out of yarn – no second guessing how long to make the leg. 🙂

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