Knitting Requests

In all knitters lives there comes a time when you hear “can you knit (insert object here) for me?” Now I’m a pretty selfish knitter but there a few people who are knit worthy in my world. The first is my dearest friend from college, Mere. She texted me awhile back to let me know how much she loved a cowl I made her years ago and could she have another.

This is a cowl I free handed at least five years ago for craft fairs. It doesn’t even have a Ravelry page! I know it’s in Homespun but that’s about it. I had her send me some measurements and I pulled a skein of the requested black from my stash. Fingers crossed I can recreate this!

The next request came from my daycare provider. Whom I love and pretty sure Jellybean loves her more than me some days. Her 15 year old has been coveting Jellybean’s Dino Hat.

I pulled out the pattern and the hat and sat down to figure the mods. It shouldn’t be too bad to do and I still have the exact yarn colors in my stash. This one might require some ripping and redoing. But this 15 year old takes time out of her afternoon to play ukulele for Jellybean because he likes to help strum. So she pretty much has earned a Dino hat of her own!

Now I just need to find the time to knit all these things!

Happy Knitting  

10 thoughts on “Knitting Requests

  1. At least 5 times a week I get messaged, texted, or shared pictures of items people want to know if I can make. Some I do, some I don’t. Life is too short for it not to be mostly fun.

  2. How wonderful to make these items for your friend and daycare worker’s son! I hope you manage to recreate that pattern. I always kick myself when I make something new and wait too long to write it down, or simply forget until weeks or months later when I need to make it again! And gosh, that find hat is so cute!

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