Slowest Sock Ever

I went to a friends house for a kids play date and BBQ. I didn’t feel like dragging along one my sweater WIPs so I pulled out my Dad’s Christmas socks and put a couple hours in on the re-do of the first sock.

They are going faster this time with the lower stitch count. I am working with 64 stitches instead of 72. I managed to get to the placement of waste yarn for the afterthought heel and a little past it even.

I work my waste yarn for two rows, one down and one back. Then I pick up my working yarn and knit back across. I only had one kind of scrap yarn on hand since I wasn’t at my house. I really hope I can see those dark grey stitches above the light grey yarn. I may be living dangerously!


Alternate Sweater Path

I have for years coveted the Breezy Cardigan by Hannah Fettig. To me it represents easy classic effortless style. But it is also MILES of stockinette in fingering weight yarn. My size could easily consume 1,900 to 2,000 yards of yarn. There is no way I could manage that with two small kids without losing my mind and hating how long it took. Well I was at Sams Club shopping for toilet paper….(seriously potty training a boy shouldn’t consume this much paper but I’m just glad he’s finally catching on)…and I see these cardigans on an end cap.

I snatched one up and realized its a commercial version of the Breezy! It’s a very fine gauge Rayon, Polyester and Spandex fabric. But it’s butter soft the touch and the spandex makes it hug all the right places without being unflattering to a new mom.

And it’s got the huge drapey fronts! They wrap so nicely around my big kiddo and make a decent nursing cover up for PB. I was in LOVE and they were under $15…

img_5951I may have bought three (in different colors) to feed my cardigan obsession. I can’t explain why but this commercial sweater just makes me so happy right now. I still want to knit a Breezy someday but it’s reassuring to know for the mean time I have these pieces to keep me warm while my children still want to snuggle. (And a good plus, it looks kick ass on me).

Happy Knitting!!

More Minis

I recently found the Sock Yarn Swappers group on ravelry. I had just been a lurker and a stalker but I kept seeing all the swaps and swapless swaps going on and wanted to try one. So back in August I signed up for a Felici swapless swap for the new range of striping color ways that Knit Picks put out this fall.

I got 20 minis of 20 yards to add to my Memory Scrap Blanket. This project is currently hibernating in Area 51. But I know I’ll love adding these self striping beauties to the mix when I pick it up again!

Have you ever done a swap?