80% There

My Mighty Rainbow Blanket is officially 80% done!

I managed to squeeze in two blue stripes since my last update. I finished the Gulfstream and the Celestial. I’m just about to start the first purple stripe called Eggplant.

This has been my main project these past few weeks. I’m really really hoping to get this done very soon. Only two skeins to go!

Happy Knitting!!

Mighty Rainbow Blanket Update

I’m officially half way done with my Mighty Rainbow Blanket!

I finished the Macaw (dark green) and started the Sky (light blue). I have to admit to feeling a little bit of momentum building on this project. I think partially because I’m closer to done than starting. But also because I’m into the cooler colors that I seem to favor over the warm tones.

I have set this insane arbitrary goal of having this done by December 31st. With an even crazier thought of trying to have this done by Christmas…I have to be nuts!

Happy Knitting!