More Minis

I recently found the Sock Yarn Swappers group on ravelry. I had just been a lurker and a stalker but I kept seeing all the swaps and swapless swaps going on and wanted to try one. So back in August I signed up for a Felici swapless swap for the new range of striping color ways that Knit Picks put out this fall.

I got 20 minis of 20 yards to add to my Memory Scrap Blanket. This project is currently hibernating in Area 51. But I know I’ll love adding these self striping beauties to the mix when I pick it up again!

Have you ever done a swap?

4 thoughts on “More Minis

  1. I’m part of that group too and did a swapless swap. I was kind of disappointed because all of my mini skeins were supposed to be 5 grams and I only had 2 out of 20 that met that amount. One was slightly over and the rest were under. Plus, it took FOREVER for them to get here. I did buy them for the purpose of starting a cozy memories blanket, so we’ll see if I can get enough for a square out of each mini skein 🙂 Other than that, I haven’t really swapped with anyone.

  2. I didn’t know that there is an entire group dedicated to swapping sock yarn! There is a swapping thread in the socks from stash group that I’ve participated in, and I find it very addictive. With me living in Europe, the swap is a great way to get my hands on American yarn that’s otherwise difficult to find, e.g. Felici.

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