Mothers Day Cast On

The Prairie Girls of the Prairie Girls Knit and Spin podcast have a Mother’s Day tradition I decided to adopt!

The deal is you cast on a just for your project on Mother’s Day and take pic of your kiddo holding the yarn or project. Then you get some unadulterated knitting time to work on it! I’ve already informed my husband this is what I want.

I pulled my 600 yard skein of Cashmere Super Toes sock in the Pieces of Eight color way that I got at Knitting In The Heartland this year. And I found a perfect pattern, Old Man of Storr shawlette by Carie Harling. It’s triangle shawl in mostly garter stitch that should help me maximize this mega-skein!

Happy Knitting!

4 thoughts on “Mothers Day Cast On

  1. I love this idea! I’ve been doing a lot of other-people knitting, and I have some gorgeous TreasureGoddess yarn waiting for me too! I better start doing some pattern-hunting. This gray is lovely; it’s going to make a fantastic shawl.

  2. I signed up for a knitting class on Sunday. Sounds like the two of us have great plans for our Mother’s Day. Enjoy!

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