FO Friday: Baby Sophisticate

I’ve done this pattern now six times and I still simply adore it. The sweater is knit, washed and blocked. I still need to install the buttons and grosgrain ribbon (and weave in the ends) but I couldn’t wait to share this (almost) FO!

I think I’m going to wait until I can dig through my mom’s button and ribbon stash. 😜

Happy Knitting!

9 thoughts on “FO Friday: Baby Sophisticate

  1. Don’t you just love fast and easy baby knits! I need to get going on two sweaters for a set of twins. Just can’t decide if I make matchy styles are matchy colors!!

  2. I’ve got a sweater for a baby boy nearing the top of my queue. This sweater is always in the running but I haven’t actually made one yet. Maybe now is the time 🙂 I’ve got some great tweed yarn that I think would work perfectly!

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