Lace and Lifelines

I’ve made some progress since I left off on Monday with my Old Man of Storr. It has one full lace repeat and the start of a second.

I’ve moved my lifeline after the first (mostly) successful repeat. I did do some more tinking and my first lace row is perhaps a bit wonky. I decided only I could tell and I was happy enough to move on. And obviously lace looks like scrunched up rubbish until you block it.

I’m getting better at “reading” my lace and can tell when I get off pattern. It usually takes 20 stitches away from the error but I catch on eventually. This pattern is a great lace warm up, at least in my opinion. We will see if I still agree as the rows get longer and longer!

Happy Knitting!!

5 thoughts on “Lace and Lifelines

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