FO Friday: Roller Rink Disco Socks

The latest pair of socks are done!

The Roller Rink Disco Socks are complete and I say hallelujah!

They are a 68 stitch toe up vanilla sock with gusset heel. But they came out crazy small. Not so much in the foot but definitely the leg. I only used 78 grams of yarn???

They yarn was fantastic so this one is on me. It’s obviously a gauge issue and I didn’t swatch. But this way my sister gets cool new socks, lol.

Happy Knitting!

So Close I Can Taste It

My Roller Rink Disco Vanilla socks are in the home stretch! Just a smidge more 2×2 rib to go. 

I’m secretly sad that these won’t fit me. My sister will love them and she’s totally knit worthy but the yarn is just so awesome! It’s the Montford fingering from Twist Fiber studio in the Roller Rink Disco color.

I should have enough yarn left to knit a second pair with contrasting heels, toes and cuffs. At least a short pair anyway. Maybe even a plain pair of yoga/pedicure socks. So that’s some consolation but still kind of a bummer.
Happy Knitting!

WIP Wednesday: Roller Rink Disco Socks

The Roller Rink Disco socks have felt the love lately!

I’ve completed the foot and turned the gusset heel. I’m really becoming fond of this yarn and the color. The short color sections really blend oranges, pinks, and purples into something eye pleasing. And the fabric has a lovely hand to it.

I’m now torn as to how to finish the leg. I’m leaning towards a 2×2 rib instead of my normal stockinette leg with ribbed cuff. Just thinking about it to switch things up. With the added bonus that these might be a smidge small and the ribbing will forgive a lot of sins!

Happy Knitting!!

Cast On: Roller Rink Disco Vanilla Socks

I was lucky to secure some Twist Fiber Studio Montford Fingering in the Roller Rink Disco color way as part of my 2016 sock yarn experiment. I grew up in too rural of an area to have access to a roller rink but as a child of the 80s/90s I felt drawn to it…

My brain space is still at a minimum so I’m once again working toe up vanilla socks over 68 stitches. Probably with a gusset heel but I haven’t decided completely. I go these started at the Royals game last weekend so they would count for #batterupkal2016!

I was surrender by Muggles but only a couple people noticed and commented. They were very nice comments, I was pleased!

Happy Knitting!!