So Close I Can Taste It

My Roller Rink Disco Vanilla socks are in the home stretch! Just a smidge more 2×2 rib to go. 

I’m secretly sad that these won’t fit me. My sister will love them and she’s totally knit worthy but the yarn is just so awesome! It’s the Montford fingering from Twist Fiber studio in the Roller Rink Disco color.

I should have enough yarn left to knit a second pair with contrasting heels, toes and cuffs. At least a short pair anyway. Maybe even a plain pair of yoga/pedicure socks. So that’s some consolation but still kind of a bummer.
Happy Knitting!

4 thoughts on “So Close I Can Taste It

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  2. Oh -! You are clever to use the small circulars! I tried that and couldn’t handle it. They’re sitting in the bottom of a drawer somewhere neglected. BTW, I saw the finished socks in a later post and they’re great! What kind of heel is that?

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