FO Friday: Neon Jungle Cowl

My Neon Jungle is finished in all it’s neon glory!

Pattern: Neon Jungle by Kristen Ashbaugh-Helmreich

Yarn: Frolicking Feet DK Gradients in Pot O’Gold by Done Roving Company

Mods: None

Needles: US 10 to get gauge

I am so pleased withe the finished item! It’s bright, cheery and the perfect winter pick-me-up. And both the right side and wrong side of the fabric look great. (I neglected to get a photo of the inside…but you can kinda see it in blue/purple part that is flopped open around the neck in the second photo.) I still think this might end up in the gift pile, I’m debating.

My one complaint is about the yarn. This is my second go with this brand. And I learned the hard way that their dye has a tendency to run. A pair of socks I knit bled the purple or blue dye and completely dulled the whole sock! I contacted the company twice about the yarn and received ZERO feedback. I was disappointed. I wasn’t going to buy their yarn again but I got this DK skein on super clearance at a yarn store closing.

So this time around I was careful being wiser this time. I washed the FO in cold water and wool wash. Then I rinsed and washed a second time in pretty warm tap water and boy oh boy did the red dye let loose. I had thrown in a color catcher so most of it ended up on that.

So I decided to use a Citric Acid Soak with the cool colors in one bowl and the red color in a second bowl. I followed all the directions and microwaved the lot and set it out to dry. I tested the red portion and dye is STILL coming off. So this FO is in time out until I can redo the citric acid soak. Harrumph…but it’s still gorgeous.

Happy Knitting!!

FO Friday: Pot O Gold Vanilla Socks

My hands are getting back in to shape. I’ve managed to make up some time and finish my Pot O Gold vanilla socks.

They turned out a bit loose in the leg but the feet are a perfect fit. 

Pattern: 64 stitch toe up vanilla socks with afterthought heel.

Yarn: Dove Roving company Tapping Tootsie in the Pot O Gold color

Needles: US 2 circ

I couldn’t be happier and this has been just the boost I’ve needed to get back in to knitting.

Happy Knitting!

WIP Wednesday: Pot O Gold Vanilla Socks

Before my health setback I was managing to zoom on my Pot O Gold vanilla socks. I even finished the first sock.

As a refresher, this is a toe up vanilla sock over 64 stitches on a US 2 circular needle. And I used and afterthought heel to not interrupt the pseudo stripes. I heart this project so hard! I even wove in the ends as soon as I got done…

It’s a lovely fit. Not too loose and not too snug. I even managed to start the second sock before the skin on fingers literally started peeling as the hand foot mouth rash heeled. Dudes….this virus is legit for adults. I’ll spare you the details and leave it at that. Here’s another photo my my sock to distract you.

Happy Knitting!!

WIP Wednesday: Pot O Gold Vanilla Socks

Holy cow this cake of yarn never ends! I’m still knitting on my Pot O Gold vanilla socks and baby they are growing!

I’ve installed the afterthought heel and continuing to zoom up the leg. I feel like I still have a TON of this yarn left. Honestly I can’t decide to how long to make this sucker! I’m getting bored with this and so the answer may be close at hand. They are tall enough now so I may just surrender…

But gosh, I sure do love looking at these colors and the way they are striping. 

Happy Knitting!!

Cast On: Pot O Gold Vanilla Socks

I felt to need to redeem myself after my gauge (sort of) failure on my Roller Rink Disco socks. So I wound a new cake of yarn and started my next pair of vanillas!

Meet the Pot O Gold vanilla socks!

This is Tapping Tootsies by Dove Roving Yarns in the Pot O Gold color. I’ll be working a toe up vanilla sock with gusset heel. My leg may or may not be ribbed again. I reserve the right to decide later. I’m working these on a size two US needle because the yarn is on the heavier side of fingering and right now I’ve got 64 stitches total.

I think I’ll knit the foot for a couple inches and then evaluate my gauge and size to see if that needs ripped back and adjusted. I really want these to fit this time!

Happy Knitting!!