CMA Part 1: Done!!

At the end of February I sat for Part 1 of the Certified Management Accountants exam. To say it was intense was an understatement…I was shaking in my tennis shoes. Not to mention that I was in the middle of some miserable medical symptoms. But once you schedule your test…you can’t back out!

I studied 10-15 hours a week for 9 weeks to prepare.(This was a huge reason for loss of my knitting mojo. My brain couldn’t handle thinking about both at the same time). By the end my test prep scores were in the high 60s and low 70s. You need a 75% to pass. The test is a little under 5 hours from start to finish. But I finished all the multiple choice and 7 out of 8 essay sections. I personally felt that the test prep software was harder than the actual test. So I’m hopeful I passed. Now I have to wait until the middle of April to find out if I passed our not….ITS KILLING ME!

I really need to start studying for Part II, providing I passed Part I, so I can sit for the next test at the end of May. I’m not sure I’m ready to dive back in but no turning back now. This experience has really pushed my professional and education boundaries. Wish me luck!