HO Friday: Toe Up Socks With a Difference

My Toe Up Socks with a Difference have reached HO status!

That’s half finished status. I even wove in the ends after making sure the fit was okay.

It’s not as snug as some of my other pairs but it’s not falling off my foot by any means. The double gusset under the heel feels like it fits nicely but I’d like to wear them before I pass final judgement.

For now I’m going to just admire the fantastic color!! (The sock, not my pasty white winter leg 😂)

Happy Knitting!!

Slow But Steady Sock

My Double Gusset heel socks have been growing.

This has been my purse and webinar meeting knitting. I am almost to the full length of the leg. All that’s left is to start the cuff ribbing. I simply adore the yarn and the color. It makes me happy just to watch it develop. 

These socks may not have as much negative ease as my others. But the fit should still be fine. These might be destined to become my favorite bed socks!

Happy Knitting!!

WIP Wednesday: Toe Up Sock With A Difference

I made it past the heel on my Toe Up Socks With A Difference. These had kind of languished at the bottom of the WIP pile. I had completed the stockinette foot and was ready to start heel. This is a new to me heel construction and I needed time and brain space to sit down and just work through it. Both had been in short supply lately, but I finally made it!

The heel is a double gusset heel worked on the bottom of the foot. I’m following a Wendy D Johnson pattern that is free and found here on Rav. It was easy to follow and a pretty slick construction. Time will tell if it’s more or less comfortable than a traditional toe up gusset heel.

In the mean time I need to finish the leg of this sock and get moving on the second sock!

Happy Knitting!!

The Fabric At Hand

I’ve been working on my Toe Up Socks with a Difference. I’m working fingering weight yarn on size 2 US needles. I would normally be using 1 US. To compensate for the gauge change the pattern calls for using less stitches. When I hold the toe/foot up against a finished sock it’s about the right width and size. So this sock will fit. But because of the magic of gauge the fabric created is looser. It looks fine right?

It’s not bothering me enough to rip and adjust the pattern. Mostly because I’ve never done the heel in this pattern before and a little because I don’t want to re-math. A tiny niggling part of my brain worries that these socks won’t wear as well as some others knit a tighter gauge.

I don’t know why I’m even having this internal and external monologue. I have enough socks in my drawer to have quite the rotation so it’s not like these will be my only socks to wear. Have any of you other knitters out there had this silly dialogue with yourself?

FO Friday: Easiest Cup Cozy

Yesterday I talked about the Pigskin Party KAL December interception all about minis. I had another project cooking related to minis. I scored a little mini of With Pointed Sticks in the Big Head Little Arms color way to match the skein I won from the Prairie Girls. They are different due batches so o couldn’t use them together. So I decided a cup cozy was necessisary.

I pulled a unlabeled skein of grey for contrast and went to town on the Easiest Cup Cozy by Gracie Kral. And I finished in a flash!

The colors are to die for and it functions quite well…

My Rav notes have all the needles and yarn details for those inquiring minds. 

Happy Knitting!!

Insert Squeee Here

I’m a very blessed and lucky girl. I was fortunate enough to win a recent contest hosted by the Prairie Girls Knit and Spin podcast. It was for a copy of Susie White’s new pattern Circuitous Socks and a skein of With Pointed Sticks Ballpoint Sock in the Big Head Little Arms color.

I may have squeeed when the yarn showed up. And you guys the pattern is gorgeous!! I already have several socks lined up so I’m just going to pet this pretty for awhile!

And for those inquiring minds. My entry for the contest was the word pontificate. So I’m going to stop this entry before that word applies!

Happy Knitting!!