WIP Wednesday: Toe Up Sock With A Difference

I made it past the heel on my Toe Up Socks With A Difference. These had kind of languished at the bottom of the WIP pile. I had completed the stockinette foot and was ready to start heel. This is a new to me heel construction and I needed time and brain space to sit down and just work through it. Both had been in short supply lately, but I finally made it!

The heel is a double gusset heel worked on the bottom of the foot. I’m following a Wendy D Johnson pattern that is free and found here on Rav. It was easy to follow and a pretty slick construction. Time will tell if it’s more or less comfortable than a traditional toe up gusset heel.

In the mean time I need to finish the leg of this sock and get moving on the second sock!

Happy Knitting!!

7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Toe Up Sock With A Difference

  1. This is a cool idea. Thanks for sharing. One of the things I dislike about toe-up with a gusset is that the sides eventually get too loose with wear. They of course snap back into shape when you wash them, but still, I prefer cuff-down gussets because they’re stiffer since they can be picked up.

  2. Love the yarn and have a heel question. It looks as though this heel doesn’t have a flap and isn’t “reinforced” in any way. Curious if that means the heel might wear through more easily.

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