The Fabric At Hand

I’ve been working on my Toe Up Socks with a Difference. I’m working fingering weight yarn on size 2 US needles. I would normally be using 1 US. To compensate for the gauge change the pattern calls for using less stitches. When I hold the toe/foot up against a finished sock it’s about the right width and size. So this sock will fit. But because of the magic of gauge the fabric created is looser. It looks fine right?

It’s not bothering me enough to rip and adjust the pattern. Mostly because I’ve never done the heel in this pattern before and a little because I don’t want to re-math. A tiny niggling part of my brain worries that these socks won’t wear as well as some others knit a tighter gauge.

I don’t know why I’m even having this internal and external monologue. I have enough socks in my drawer to have quite the rotation so it’s not like these will be my only socks to wear. Have any of you other knitters out there had this silly dialogue with yourself?

9 thoughts on “The Fabric At Hand

  1. I’ve done this when knitting a new pattern – many times 🙂 I generally end up going with my gut by the time I’m as far as you are, and if they don’t fit me, I gift them to a friend – win win!

  2. Hi, there. I am not a math person, so was very excited to find a no-math heel for toe up socks. Let me find the original for you- it may take a bit to find my pattern booklets.

  3. since I only do the hats and some scarves no math for me. I figure whoever can fit them can have them. But I have found out that I need to start making them bigger to fit better. Have fun with those socks!!

  4. I’m having one right now about whether the yarn is too busy for the lace right now. I don’t really care because they just make me so happy to knit, and I think blocking will help a wee bit. I’m just fighting with myself over the imagined accusations of other knitters at this point. I just keep telling myself I don’t CARE if the yarn is too busy.

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