A Lovely Pair Of Socks

My second FO of the week. I’m on something of a finishing kick!! Here are my Checkerboard Socks in all their glory!  Pattern: My own 70 stitch 5×5 Checkerboard pattern with stockinette sole and afterthought heel

Yarn: Across the Yarniverse sock in Bubble Gum

Needles: US 1 8″ inch Addi Turbo circulars

I forgot to weigh these babies but I used probably 90% of the 100 gram skein?

These are some of the best fitting and comfy socks I’ve made to date. They feel amazing on my feet even in the heat of the Kansas summers. Seriously the heat index has been topping out in the 110 to 117 range lately, long story short….its hot! The only downside is that this yarn base is hand wash only. This was some of the first sock yarn I every purchased and I didn’t pay attention to care instructions. All my other hand knits have been superwash where I gently machine wash them and then lay out to dry. I’m going to have to try to remember to take better care of these. It would be a shame to mess them up!

Happy Knitting!