A Long Overdue Knit Night

I haven’t been very good at taking time for myself or prioritizing my own self care lately. Work is perpetually crazy with no end in sight. So I put my size 10 foot down and carved out space for myself.

Yesterday was a virtual knit night for a knitting patreon I follow and I joined. I told my family they were on their own an I needed couple hours to myself. I am really working through my Super Simple Summer Sweater and well into the yoke increases.

I started helical knitting to alternate my yarn since this is Malabrigo and has a high likelihood of pooling or flashing. It makes me pay attention but will be worth it in the finished product! The conversation was nice and I really enjoyed having some time to “be with my people”. I really need to do that more often!

Happy Knitting!!

1 thought on “A Long Overdue Knit Night

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