Splitting For Radiate Sleeves

Thanks to the long holiday weekend and lots of grandparent babysitting, I managed to knit through the yoke of my Radiate sweater and split for sleeves.

I even slipped on an extra knitting needles and tried this sweater on. Even unblocked it falls appropriately in all the places. The neck was higher than I anticipated but other wise the bust and armscye fits nicely. I’ll have to be careful with blocking this super wash yarn so that I don’t make it too big.

Now I have like 14 to 17 inches of sweater body to knit. Lots of round and round in stockinette! Happy Knitting!!

Hiding Outdoors

Happy three day weekend to all my American friends. The eve of 4th of July is upon us. Working for a local municipality means I get a three day weekend, huzzah!

My children are inside either watching a movie for quiet time or taking their afternoon nap. I snuck outside to be alone and to knit. I mowed the grass earlier and wanted to admire my handiwork.

Nevermind it’s a million degrees, I packed my Radiate pullover and some liquid re-hydration and sat under my patio umbrella. I realize this the first time I have been alone in like three weeks. Like truly ALONE and it is a glorius re-charge for this introverts soul.

Time to crank the tunes and see how many rows I can get done on this sweater! Happy Friday and Happy Knitting!!

Cast On: Radiate

I finished my Weekend and dove right in to my Radiate pullover by Joji Locatelli. It helps that yarn was already caked up and I had swatched. I am knitting the XL size and in pretty much two sittings I had progressed to where I am incorporating the second color.

This pattern utilized slipped stitches to create visual interest and the line, as the pattern suggests, radiate down from the yoke. My camera is kind of blowing out the Hedgehog Fibers blue color but I am loving it. I was worried the highly variagated yarn would too much but so far I think it looks fantastic.

The best part is that the pattern isn’t overly complicated and I can read my knitting enough that I can just knit knit knit and it doesn’t take too much brain space. This project is definitely my addictive project right now, its kind of the only thing I want to work on!

Happy Knitting!!

Stashbustin’ #21: Neon

I really really really really want to start this sweater!

(Photo from Joji’s Ravelry page)

It Neon by Joji Locatelli. And I have the most wonderful green Berroco Pure Pima all caked up and ready to go!

Just a couple of problems…

1) Stashbustin’ 15 or my Ombré Billow Blanket is soooo close to being done, but it’s not quite finished.

2) Stashbusting’ 20 or my Spiral Staircase Shawl is only 1/2 done and waiting for me in the bottom of my project bag.

I love both of these projects and I am enjoying working on them, but…..there’s always a but! I know that I could easily become addicted to Neon and forgo working on anything else. Which I normally don’t do! So in the effort to love all my knitted children equally I vow to finish the Billow blanket and get at least 3/4 done on the shawl before working on my Neon.

I feel like its the appropriate carrot on the end of the stick to power me through these two current WIPs!

Happy Tuesday!!