Yarn Hole

Guys…..I fell in a yarn hole.

Sadly a yarn store in my region is closing! They were having a 30-60% close out sale and I took the bait. I didn’t NEED any of this yarn but I got a crazy good deal!

I picked up a sweater quantity of Berroco DK for a garment for me. I picked up a main color of grey and a contrast color of royal blue. Then I got three 150 gram skeins of sport weight sock yarn to make socks for the men in my life. I then got two DK  gradient skein/kit. The rainbow is from Dove Roving Company and the blue gradient set is Rivulet from Island Yarns.

I know the Rivulet is going to grow up to specifically be an Age of Brass and Steam. All the rest went into my stash ☺️. I don’t know what they want to grow up to be!

Happy Knitting!!

12 thoughts on “Yarn Hole

  1. Great choices. I particularly like the sweater color combo. I got a bit giddy just reading and looking at your treasures! I’m still on a yarn buying hiatus (self-imposed of course) and living vicariously through other bloggers!

  2. Oh my gosh! I love Done Roving. It’s from my home state! I picked up a ball on my last visit home and I still can’t decide if I want a scarf or a sock head.

  3. Sorry you are losing the shop, but you got some good yarns there! And I have a special place in my heart for the Done Roving as they are quite near to me. 🙂

  4. You can’t just walk on by and resist when you see a yarn shop closing down sale – it’s against the nature of knitters! What a shame to lose it – but lucky you – all those potential projects! Fab!

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