FO Friday: Not Quite Tube Socks

I have been collecting sock leftovers in a nice neat bag and in my 2016 Wishlist I wanted to knit Jellybean some tube socks. I have been mulling using Jasmin from the Knitmore Girls Genevieve’s Tube Socks. I had the yarn and the needles and took off. I pulled the Saki Bamboo from my  Conference Vanilla Socks in crayon box. I had 20 grams left and divided it in half.

At first blush they look fine…

They are waaaay to short! My baby had big feet and these “socks” are only 6 inches long. They don’t even cover his heels! The width is fine but they need to be twice as long. In other words I need at least 40 grams of sock yarn leftovers.

Oh well, we’ve repurposed them as gloves!

Happy Knitting!

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