FO Friday: Dad’s Lap Blanket

Well the blanket for Dad is done. And all I can say is….meh…

  I definitely screwed up somewhere. I crocheted on this almost exclusively at night after Jellybean went to sleep. Sometimes in the dark. And boy did I pay for that. The cast on side of the blanket has at least 12-14 more stitches than the bind off side. My fingers just can read/feel crochet the same as knitting. And I know I missed some stitch placement. Le sigh….
 It’s still beautiful and my Dad will never care. (P.S. he will definitely be able to tell because when you fold it its patently obvious its not square.) For now this is “done” and gone into hiding/hibernation. I did consider un-picking the cast on edge and ripping back to where I realized I was getting smaller and crochet back the other direction. Being as this is crochet I think it would work. But I’ve already wove in ends so I could have a couple tricky places given that. For now…I’m just done with this and it needs to think about what it did!

FO Friday: Mom’s Lap Blanket

Winner winner chicken dinner! I snuck this blanket in under the #dcspigskinparty2015 deadline. This was my one and only project worth blitz points! Woot 😃

This is a crochet blanket in half double crochet. I have no clue how many stitches I chained. I didn’t keep copious notes. I know it’s 36 inches wide by 70 inches long. It fits comfortably across my lap and covers even my husbands long legs. I used five skeins of Bernat Blanket in the Sonoma color. It’s interesting to see how the yarn pooled in places. I guess that happens in all yarn craft!

This has been carefully washed and gifted to a happy mother.

A little niggle persisted in my brain. It bothered me for the last several days. I finally realized what it is…..I want to make me dad a coordinating blanket to match. I guess I’m not done making blankets!

Never Will I Ever…

I never thought I would ever have the urge to crochet….and then this happened…

I have several LARGE skeins of Bernat baby blanket and my mom has been dropping hints hard core that she wants a lap blanket out of this. I tried to knit with this chenille yarn several times and HATED IT. The yarn is very grippy and sticks to itself. (My last project was here)

A couple fiber friends reccomended crochet. I experimented with double crochets and half double crochets. I settled on the half double crochet and an ergonomic size N hook. Mostly because my fingers found it comfortable and I could remember it. I chained a butt load of stitches then took off.

This will be a baby/receiving size blanket. I’m still working on hook placement, reading the stitches, and evening out my tension. This yarn is definitely easier to work with in crochet than in knitting. This peice is definitely a practice object. I don’t plan on giving it away as it’s terribly uneven. But I want to get better so I can do a nice blanket for my mom some day!

Happy Knitting…er, I mean Crochet!