FO Friday: Dad’s Lap Blanket

Well the blanket for Dad is done. And all I can say is….meh…

  I definitely screwed up somewhere. I crocheted on this almost exclusively at night after Jellybean went to sleep. Sometimes in the dark. And boy did I pay for that. The cast on side of the blanket has at least 12-14 more stitches than the bind off side. My fingers just can read/feel crochet the same as knitting. And I know I missed some stitch placement. Le sigh….
 It’s still beautiful and my Dad will never care. (P.S. he will definitely be able to tell because when you fold it its patently obvious its not square.) For now this is “done” and gone into hiding/hibernation. I did consider un-picking the cast on edge and ripping back to where I realized I was getting smaller and crochet back the other direction. Being as this is crochet I think it would work. But I’ve already wove in ends so I could have a couple tricky places given that. For now…I’m just done with this and it needs to think about what it did!

8 thoughts on “FO Friday: Dad’s Lap Blanket

  1. I have a first panel I knitted with yarn overs and knit two togethers…I went from the recommended thirty stitches to something far bigger and sometimes a little smaller. It looks wonky. I wanted to make it into a blanket. I knit two of them. I ended up ripping them out, but now, having knit lacy socks, I can look back and see it as part of how I got from there to here. So, this one is bad enough it will only wrap dishes in a move, but I kept it. I’m sure your dad will love it and just suggest instead of folding it, he drape it over the couch. Then you can visit and look back, and say, “I’ve come so far.”

  2. It looks great! The thing with crochet is that even if your stitch pattern is simple it’s important to count every once in a while. When you get more experience you’ll be able to look at your work and see what’s wrong. And then you’ll decide what to do from there. Crochet mistakes aren’t so convenient to fix as knitting mistakes. It’s done and you’re happier than if you ripped it back a gazillion times.

  3. Bad blanket! I hope it learns how to behave better with a time out! I don’t crochet anymore, having similar issues with stitch placement beng thecrradon why. But the blanket will warm no matter it’s shape.

    • This topic is so important! I was a crocheter before I learned to knit and my learning to knit was delayed because my mom and sister were always saying, “crochet is faster! Crochet is easier!” When I learned to knit I was like, “the heck are they saying!?” There are so many ways to fix a knitting mistake without ripping back. There are ZERO ways to fix a crochet mistake without ripping back. I find myself counting way more often when I’m crocheting because I’m so paranoid about ripping the darn thing out. A complicated round on crocheted lace can be memorized for life if you wind up ripping it out over and over again.

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