Talking To Muggles

I have a department wide staff meeting twice a month on Fridays. At our last meeting our director got up and shared about his volunteering and coaching youth basketball. It was really heart warming and neat to see behind the suit. He wants to have some time at every meeting to learn more about each other. He asked for volunteers and you guys you could have heard crickets! So being the proper outgoing theater girl I volunteered.

What’s a girl to talk about? Knitting and yarn of course!! So I did up a short 10 minute presentation about knitting with an awareness I was talking to Muggles. I focused on the health benefits and crazy fun that comes with knitting. I even let them pet a few of my pretties!

I got a really positive response and a few knitting requests, lol. (Which I politely deflected!) All in all it went well and was really fun!

2 thoughts on “Talking To Muggles

  1. Lol!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I love that you related the experience to talking to Muggles. I too believe that all knitters and fiber friends are wizards. He looks so adorable in that hat and scarf. Great share. 🌟

  2. Fun! I am a librarian, and although many are knitters, I often warm to the theme of My Favorite Activity Ever so quickly I get some glazed-over eyes. It can be hard to describe knitting to non-knitters!

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