Cast On: Autumn League Pullover

I have had crazy sweater mojo here lately. It’s all I feel drawn to right now. I have a Worsted Boxy on the needles in a neutral colored Berroco yarn. But that didn’t stop me from casting on the Autumn League Pullover by Alexandra Tavel after I saw one being worn by the Jodi of the Grocery Girls podcast.

I printed the free version of the pattern and marked it up for the medium/large size, grabbed some needles and yarn and just started knitting. I pulled some Lion Brand Heartland yarn in the Acadia colorway (that has been in my stash for 5 year) because its a pretty soft 100% acrylic yarn that had the appropriate yardage I needed. It’s basically the same color as my Worsted Boxy. whoops!  I didn’t gauge swatch or pre-plan at all. This could be a total disaster…for real.

Speaking of disaster, did any of you catch the minor disaster in the photo above? When I pulled needles I just grabbed my plastic interchangeable that I have had since 2009. They had the right needles size and cord length so I could cast on right away. Well….these needles have seen better days. And as I was pushing the growing number of stitches around the cord….it came unlocked/un-clicked and I dropped about 25 stitches.

I grabbed a tapestry needle and some scrap yarn and scooped  up those stitches before they could run. I was pleasantly surprised that for 100% acrylic the stitches stayed pretty much put. I got wise after this and dug out my Knit Picks aluminum interchangeable needles and transferred my work to those. I made sure to use the key to tighten the cords.

I’m not sure if changing needle types will change my gauge or not. But after looking at my work I can already see places where I was purling flat that have some noticeable tension/gauge differences that I can see. So what the heck would a few more of those bother? This is comfy sweatshirt style pullover that I probably will just wear around the house. I just really want to be knitting soothing stockinette in the round forever and ever.

I am wondering if I am switching from a product knitter to a process knitter…zounds!!

Happy Knitting!!

FO Friday: Mere’s Lacy Cowl

The cowl is done! My second attempt is much improved and I’m much happier!

Pattern: Mere’s Lacy Cowl (my own improvisation)

Yarn: Lion Brand Homespun in a purple ombré

Needles: 10 1/2 US

Size: 14 inches by 12 inches 

I’ve put both of these in the mail and they are winging their way to the knit worthy recipient. The cowl is perfect and stretchy and squishy. Not to mention very close to her original. I didn’t expect the color shirt as the yarn in skein was deceiving. But I thinks it’s pretty!

One thing I’ve learned….. I don’t like Homespun as much as I used to. The loose wavy plies have a tendency to split and snag on the needles. I’m seriously considering de stashing the remainder from my stash. Now, don’t get wrong, I think it’s perfectly respectable workhorse yarn. It’s not great for my hands and knitting style. 

Happy Knitting!!

A Do-Over

I finished a cowl for my friend Mere last week. And I was less than pleased with my efforts to duplicate a years old project. I took it as a matter of pride. So what’s a knitter to do? I pulled some purple (her second color choice) and cast on again. This time I’m adding more stockinette in between the eyelets to better replicate the original.

I feel a bit more revived with this project but it’s still a little bit “the song remains the same”

 I’ll just have to keep knitting! 


FO Friday: Mere’s Eyelet Cowl

 I surrender, this project defeated me! It’s done and while it’s pretty….it’s not the fabric I was wanting to create.


Pattern: My own, Rav notes here

Yarn: Lion Brand Homespun in Black

Needles: US  10 1/2

Finished size: 19.5 inches long and 10 inches tall.

I had previously blogged about slogging through this. I should have realized that it was a slog because the fabric created did not match the original. I finally gave in and bound off just to be done. I used 70% of the skein or 129.5 yards. I am going to start another cowl in a deep purple in a stitch pattern that better matches the original. I will still probably gift this cowl to Mere as well. There is nothing wrong with it as it’s very soft and pretty. I’m just disappointed in myself for “forcing” the knit.

Oh well, I guess I have to knit more!

WIP Wednesday: Antrose

Embolded by my swatches and encouraged by a dear friend, I finally cast on for Antrose!



I’m working the garter ribbed collar. It’s back and forth, so no purls but lots and lots of knits! I opted to use lifted M1R and M1L increases instead of the KFB increases. With my tension and style….they just look better to me.

I have to admit, I had never done the Long Tail Cast On before (even though patterns clearly called for it). So I put my big girl pants on and went to YouTube….ITS SO EASY! Here’s the link I used. It so clean looking and makes such a nice stretchy edge! I did have to take several swings at it before I let out enough yarn in the beginning to make all the cast on stitches, lol.




Now, just a few thousand more stitches before I have a finished sweater! I’m liking the Lion Brand Heartland yarn….although it can be “splitty” at times. And have tinked a few stitches and I could see how this yarn wouldn’t stand up to prolonged frogging. But it’s very soft and creates a nice fabric.

What’s on your needles this Wednesday?

Swatch For Antrose

Time out….time for a yarn substitution! I had swatched my original yarn choice, Knit Picks Brava Worsted in grey for my Antrose sweater. And I didn’t like it….like at all. So I pulled some Lion Brand Heartland (aran weight) in a light tan/brown and swatched to see if I could get gauge. I even washed and blocked them like a proper knitter. Here they are dry and ready to go!



I was shocked that my gauge was actually closer with this aran weight (which is still 10 ply like worsted but still tends to be finer/smaller). I got both gauge going both directions!



And just to be double sure….I knit one repeat of the pattern chart. There are chevrons that run up the middle of the sweater.



Slightly looser gauge than stockinette, but I can mitigate that by keeping my “charted” stitches tighter as I switch back and forth between purls and knits.



The color in my swatch pictures doesn’t really show the “true” color. So I trooped my swatches off to the husband’s bathroom (it has great light) and snapped a photo to give a better idea of the color.



A couple of knitters/followers suggested using a contrast color for the chart/chevron portion. But after swatching…I find I like the simplicity of the monochromatic look. Now if I only could find the time to start the darn thing! My studies have just eaten up all my free time! All I feel like I have time for are small projects like hats and baby sweaters… #firstworldknittingproblems

Happy Knitting!

Yarn Sale: part one

I have been seriously de-stashing in 2013. But alas even with as fast as my fingers can knit….I still have a crap load of yarn. So this weekend I’m taking a hard look at my “stash” and deciding what I will and won’t use.

Good news for you guys??? I’m going to post several updates today with lots of yarn for sale. At a DEEP discount, I might add. Not all of it has labels anymore but I will do my best to give good specifications and descriptions. If you see something you like, leave a comment with your name and email and I’ll message you about the lot. I will only be accepting payment via Paypal. First come, first served. If someone backs out, I will move on to the next comment email according to time. Don’t leave your address or personal information in a comment. I’ll email you to get specifics so the whole internet doesn’t have to see 🙂

First item on the block….a bunch of Lion Brand Homespun


  • 6 oz full skein of Lion Brand Homespun in Herb Garden Lot #100699
  • 6 oz full skein of Lion Brand Homespun in Barrington Color #336 Lot #M55002
  • 6.5 oz full skein of Homespun (variegated brown/pink)
  • 4.4 oz partial skein of Lion Brand Homespun in Delft Lot #112270
  • 4.9 oz partial skein of Lion Brand Homespun (light purple)
  • 2.1 oz partial skein of Lion Brand Homespun (dark variegated purple)
  • 1.2 oz partial skein of Lion Brand Homespun (dark purple)
  • 0.6 oz partial skein of Lion Brand Homespun (white)
  • 0.6 oz partial skein of Lion Brand Homespun (blue/white)


Yarn has been stored in plastic tubs and smaller amounts are wound in cakes. My house does have dogs in it but I keep them away from my yarn, just in case you have allergies.


I’m asking $28 total and that includes shipping costs in the US. If you are interested and are outside the US, email me at to discuss.