Re-Swatching Because Swatches Lie

Earlier this week I had talked about making a second gauge swatch but this time with stripes. Seriously glad I did…because my tension changed while working stripes!! Using this yarn and my needles and making stripes got me a LOT closer to pattern gauge. This means my first spreadsheet math would have had me make a WAAAY to big of a sweater. This washed and blocked swatch only has me go up 1/2 to a whole pattern size. Glad I checked before I had most of a sweater done.

This time I had some better light so I took some better pictures. I am still leaning towards the wrong side of the striping. And I think I’m going to mix and match the single and double garter ridge stripes in some sort of pattern. Stay tuned…

Happy Knitting!!

Sweater Math and Color Options

I was a good knitter and made a gauge swatch for an upcoming sweater.  I off course was not happy with either the gauge at the recommended needle size or actually achieve pattern gauge. I just had to like my gauge at a different needle size. So taking my gauge I popped open excel and did some maths to figure out what size I needed to make to fit my upper bust at my gauge. And boy howdy did that stretch my brain. But I persevered.

So then I checked the pattern to see how much yarn I would need for the size I was going to make….and I didn’t have enough of the grey. But I know I had some more Berroco Chunky in my stash from some old sweaters.  I dug and found a blue and a purple…see below.

I made a WHOLE NEW SWATCH to see how the colors would play out. I am going full bore responsible knitter here guys. This is what my swatch looks like with stripes…

And here is a blown out photo of the wrong side of my stripes. Am I crazy (the answer is yes btw) but I like the wrong side better. It makes it look like poor woman’s colorwork ala the Playful Stripes Cardigan by Alana Dakos.

I need to wash this swatch version and mull over my options. I am really leaning towards the wrong side. But now….do I work single garter ridge stripes or double ridge garter stripes?

Happy Knitting!!!

Swatching Like A Responsible Knitter

I really want to cast on some of my birthday yarn from my momma for a sweater for me.  I did some searching and had three finalists pulled. And in the end garter stitch won. I picked the Charlotte Winter by Carrie Bostick Hoge won out.

It’s a top down bulky sweater with raglan increases all knit in garter stitch. No purling!! (Well except for the sleeves). And I was a  GOOD knitter and started a swatch.

The bottom garter section was knit on the pattern US 15s while the top section was knit on US 13s. I found that not only was it easier to knit on the 13s but I also like the fabric better. I even washed and dried my swatch to be sure! Now I guess I get to do some sweater math….

Happy Knitting!!

Shadow Knitting, Franklin Habit and KITHKC

I have finally had the brain space to jot down a few thoughts about my first knitting class and the 2018 Knitting In The Heartland festival from a couple weekends ago.

First up, I found a cute pregnancy outfit and my hair and make-up didn’t make me look like an “exhausted mom of one and a half”. I was quite pleased to feel like a proper adult doing adult-y things without worrying about potty training, naps or snacks.

I arrived on time and got all my supplies set out and ready. Being my first class ever I was worried I would forget something for not have the right items. Turned out….I was perfectly prepared.

Franklin Habit was charming, informative and just pleasant to share three hours with. My classmates were pleasant and prepared and we all BREEZED through the technique and class thanks to excellent instruction. And how handsome is Franklin with this hand knit? We had enough time in class to pick his brain about anything we could think of and it was wonderful. I couldn’t have asked for a better first in-person class.

And the technique….shadow knitting. It was totally awesome! I managed to work two swatches during class. I think I had a great grasp of it by the end. I’m not sure how much I will work this into my future projects. But I like that I was able to a) work from a chart for the first time ever and b) learn a completely new skill!

I just adore my little X and heart. If I can manage it, I may add some crochet edgings to these swatches and keep for little knickknacks in my craft room. I also did some shopping at the marketplace but I will save those for another post.

Overall, I felt so fulfilled to be with “my tribe” who shared my passion and craft. And just so blessed to have such a wonderful day. I may have teared up when it was time to go home. But that might have been my pregnancy hormones, lol. Now, I have to wait for two years for this festival to come around again….

Happy Knitting!!

Son Of A Swatch

You know how I thought my swatch for the Aeon vest was weird? Well it is, it totally is!

This puppy was knit on US 9s because I’m a complete imbecile. The 6 was really an upside down 9 and my mommy brain couldn’t process it. Son of a swatch! I’ve now secured the requisite US 6 needles in Hiya Hiya 32 inch bamboo fixed circulars. I’ve also ripped out the above swatch. I’m hoping the swatch on the correct needles with the less slippery bamboo will do the trick.

I just have one more question….is it wine o’clock?

What Did I Get Myself Into 

The yarn for my Aeon Vest is here! Now I’m being a good girl. I’ve knit a swatch…

I haven’t blocked it yet. But I did use the recommended size 6 needles and the fabric is very loose. I haven’t compared this to pattern guage because it’s not blocked and I’m not sure I like how this fabric feels. I want this vest not to grow when worn or be too loosey goosey.

Now before I did this swatch I had taken my measurements to find the appropriate pattern size. I then went about marking up the pattern after reading carefully. I like to white out all the directions that don’t apply to me and make notes/highlights to help me along the way. Now I’m not sure the size I marked is the one I’ll end up knitting based on my desired fabric guage…knitting fail.

Having done all that, I can’t help but think….what the hell did I get myself into!? This pattern is knit in one piece and has detailed directions. But it’s my first foray into a moderately shaped piece with lots of *at the same time*. I may well lose what little brains I have left. But  I know I will need to color coded the snot out of this to reduce my chance of screwing up.

Only time will tell! Happy Knitting!!

Black Yarn Oops

I started up with my Mini Thermal Vest I started for Jellybean back in June. I got about this far…

And I hated the fabric which is why I set it down. It was too loose and open on the US 8 needles I was using. So I put my big girl panties on and swatched. The magic number turned out to be US 7s. 

I’m flying now, gotta love big yarn on big needles. There is a pattern there I promise. It’s just impossible to photograph this inky black yarn. It’s knit picks shine worsted. I’m hoping to have this ready for church on Christmas Eve with the family!

Happy Knitting!!

Swatch For Antrose

Time out….time for a yarn substitution! I had swatched my original yarn choice, Knit Picks Brava Worsted in grey for my Antrose sweater. And I didn’t like it….like at all. So I pulled some Lion Brand Heartland (aran weight) in a light tan/brown and swatched to see if I could get gauge. I even washed and blocked them like a proper knitter. Here they are dry and ready to go!



I was shocked that my gauge was actually closer with this aran weight (which is still 10 ply like worsted but still tends to be finer/smaller). I got both gauge going both directions!



And just to be double sure….I knit one repeat of the pattern chart. There are chevrons that run up the middle of the sweater.



Slightly looser gauge than stockinette, but I can mitigate that by keeping my “charted” stitches tighter as I switch back and forth between purls and knits.



The color in my swatch pictures doesn’t really show the “true” color. So I trooped my swatches off to the husband’s bathroom (it has great light) and snapped a photo to give a better idea of the color.



A couple of knitters/followers suggested using a contrast color for the chart/chevron portion. But after swatching…I find I like the simplicity of the monochromatic look. Now if I only could find the time to start the darn thing! My studies have just eaten up all my free time! All I feel like I have time for are small projects like hats and baby sweaters… #firstworldknittingproblems

Happy Knitting!

Stashbustin’ #11

Stashbustin’ #11 – Simple Raglan Cardi

I have 7 skeins of Dusty Blue Lion Brand Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton. I splurged awhile back and bought a whole bunch on clearance at Michaels. And I have made two lovely cowls from this stash so far, Mere’s and mine. It’s a very soft yarn to work with and it washes nicely (with a little extra special care). I have really enjoyed working with it lately. So I decided to keep going.

A quick search on Ravelry and I found a simple top down raglan style cardigan and I fell in love. This will be my first top down raglan. I am the master of my own knitting and it will be scary, but I know I can do it (Elizabeth Zimmerman says I can)!! And I’m bound and determined to do this correctly. I am starting with swatching for gauge.

photo (1)


I made a pretty large-ish swatch. I got almost spot on gauge on the unwashed swatch, 17 stitches to 4 inches on the larger of the two needles in the pattern. I then gave the swatch a good soak in some Eucalan and then pinned and blocked to dry.



I am going to be a good girl and wait until tomorrow when it’s completely dry to measure again for gauge. I really want the finished garment to fit appropriately. In the mean time I’m marking up the pattern to get ready for this knit.

photo (2)


I really don’t want to get off pattern so I measured for my size and highlighted the appropriate directions. Even went as far as blacking out all the other directions. I’m nothing if not thorough and I don’t want the reason this sweater gets wonky is because I can’t read! Hopefully I can have the blocked swatch measured and providing that goes well cast on the sweater this coming weekend. Keep you all posted!

Happy Knitting