Back to Autumn

I’m feeling the fall creeping in! The temperatures around Kansas have dipped below 85/90 degrees Fahrenheit and the leaves are turning. On a whim last night I pulled out my Autumn League Pullover and knit a few rounds while catching up old episodes of Squirrel Pie Productions podcast. All I have left to finish is the body and the hem but several inches of both.

It’s nights like these that I’m really missing my knitting buddy. Everyone around here has taken the loss of Dex really well, especially the tiny humans. But I find myself very melancholy at night when I sit down to knit and I can’t hear his snores. This project matched his fur color and it’s making it very hard to want to pick this WIP up.

But I’m choosing to continue this project in his honor and so that I can have a wonderfully cozy Dex colored sweater to keep me company.

Sleeve Separation!

This past weekend I got some decent knitting time sans kiddos thanks to the miracle of naps and play dates. I managed to slog through the rest of the raglan increases on my Autumn League Pullover and get separated for the sleeves.

I had one tiny hiccup where I dropped a stitch and didn’t notice for like 10 rounds. I steeled myself and then laddered down to the dropped stitched then worked both stitches back up. It was a tight squeeze but I managed to make it look decent by pulling on some of the surrounding stitches to even it a little bit.

I think my next step would be to find a shortie size 7 circular and start the sleeves so I don’t have to turn the full weight of the body while doing the sleeves. I also want to try three quarter length sleeves, but I’m not sure how they will look and feel with this oversized fit. I might develop this as I go. I mean the worst that can happen is that I rip back and start over right?


Sometimes It Just Doesn’t Work Out

I finished my Simple Baby Pullover this week…..but something went terribly wonky. My sweater is huge!



Pattern: A Simple Baby Pullover by Erica Kempf

Yarn: Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton in Pistachio

Needles: US 8

Size: 0-3 months (But this didn’t turn out)



Now, before you ask, I didn’t swatch for gauge. But this is a yarn and needle size I use a lot so I was comfortable skipping that step. Now I don’t know if I should have done that or if something in the pattern is wonky. The pattern is the same for all sizes in the beginning when you are working the yoke section. The larger sizes get more raglan increases than the smaller sizes. And of course the lengths are different.

I should have come out with a 17 1/2 in chest. I came up with a whopping 22 inches (1-2 yr size). Then the pattern wanted me to work to a total sweater length of 8 inches. Well with my width that would have made this sweater a baby midriff, lol! So I worked to a total of 11 inches to match the 1-2 size that my chest measurement came out to.

I should have only used 1 or so skeins of yarn. But I consumed 2 full skeins! That translates to 206 yard or 170 grams. I had plenty enough yarn so it wasn’t a huge deal.



It’s a pretty FO, but I was disappointed. Not sure if I did something wrong or the pattern needs to be adjusted for yarn/guage? I noticed on Ravelry (after the fact) that there were a lot mods in other’s projects. But at least 121 other people have worked this sweater so it can’t be all bad!

My verdict? It’s a nice sweater but not a pattern I would knit again. I have some others in my queue that need testing….(rubbing her hands like a disney villian)…..

Happy Knitting!

Labor Day Cast-on-itis

Happy Labor Day!!!

I had a fit of “Cast-on-itis” this past weekend over labor day. Even though I spent all weekend with family having fun, I had yarn urges that could not be satisfied. I may or may not have cast on three more projects….oops!

So this week I thought I would take you on a walk of shame tour of my newest de-stashing efforts!

Today I introduce to you, One Piece Baby Pullover from Lion Brand! This will be Stashbustin’ #27 effort of 2013. I was in the mood for something cheery, fun, and baby adorable. It’s only a start but I feel sunny already!



Eventually, it will look something like this….



(Photo courtesy of the Lion Brand Ravelry page)

I have A LOT of Caron Simply Soft to chew through in my stash. What better to deploy that yarn towards than adorable baby knits!!! The pattern is worked flat in a cross shape and seamed together. And the whole thing is in garter stitch. This is going to be my mindless TV knitting project and will live next to the couch!

Stay tuned for a new project tomorrow! I hope everyone in the US had a happy and safe labor day weekend!!