A Knot Of A Problem

I started the second sleeve of my Autumn League Pullover this week and I encountered a small problem. (P.S. Don’t you just love and hate my obnoxious mom yoga pants? My husband does and I wear them in public on purpose…bwahahahaha!)

A knot in my skein! This is commercial yarn and I know up to two to three knots in a skein is considered normal. But I still hate them. If I knit them in I always seem to get the knot in a spot where I feel it or it works it way to right side of the work where everyone can see.

I pulled out my took kit and decided to fix the problem. I cut the knot out and then loosened the four plys on each end of the yarn. I then cut two of the four plys off each side and used my tapestry needled to do a Russian join.

It looks kind of wonky here but once I get it knit into the fabric you likely won’t be able to tell at all!

I really really really want to get off sleeve island on this sweater. Wish me luck!

9 thoughts on “A Knot Of A Problem

  1. Yes, I love the pants. I have a pair of pants that were gifted to me from a co-worker…a bright orange/coral capri. My husband calls them clown pants. He hates capris, so the color really puts them over the top for him. I was choosing an outfit for parent information night at the highschool, and my husband told me I should wear them when our teenager would be with us to embarrass…then when I had my outfit hanging to put on after my shower he said… “You’re really wearing those?!” Yes, yes I did. Lol.

    I’ve done the Russian join to join skeins, but never thought about using it to get rid of a knot. Great tip!

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