Re-Swatching Because Swatches Lie

Earlier this week I had talked about making a second gauge swatch but this time with stripes. Seriously glad I did…because my tension changed while working stripes!! Using this yarn and my needles and making stripes got me a LOT closer to pattern gauge. This means my first spreadsheet math would have had me make a WAAAY to big of a sweater. This washed and blocked swatch only has me go up 1/2 to a whole pattern size. Glad I checked before I had most of a sweater done.

This time I had some better light so I took some better pictures. I am still leaning towards the wrong side of the striping. And I think I’m going to mix and match the single and double garter ridge stripes in some sort of pattern. Stay tuned…

Happy Knitting!!

4 thoughts on “Re-Swatching Because Swatches Lie

  1. Glad you did that! I am thinking of a colorwork sweater. I did the plain swatch but have been putting off the colorwork one. I won’t any longer, thanks for the reminder!

  2. Oh, lying swatches and the lies they tell! Good thing you checked for sure! I like the “wrong side” too – it’s a little livelier than the “right side”, without requiring more color changes.

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