WIP Wednesday: Helping Hippos Vanilla Socks

Thanks to some recent car travel time and my children not being COMPLETELY insane. I managed to work a fair bit on my Helping Hippo Vanilla socks!

The sock on the right is the first one and it’s ready for the gusset heel. I didn’t have my heel notes handy and I didn’t have a stitch marker either but I still had quite a ways to go on our drive. So I put those aside and started the sock on the left. I mean…I can’t not knit while in the car right?

I’m really pleased with the speckles and finding it hard to put them down!

Happy Knitting!!

10 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Helping Hippos Vanilla Socks

    • Just normal wedge? I cast on 20 sts each on two dpns and work the increases at the beginning and end of each needle. My toe line is fairly blunt so that’s why I started with so many stitches. I don’t like the more “pointy” toe that most people make by starting with less stitches. It’s just makes extra fabric that bunches up for me in my shoes.

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