WIP Wednesday: Antrose

Embolded by my swatches and encouraged by a dear friend, I finally cast on for Antrose!



I’m working the garter ribbed collar. It’s back and forth, so no purls but lots and lots of knits! I opted to use lifted M1R and M1L increases instead of the KFB increases. With my tension and style….they just look better to me.

I have to admit, I had never done the Long Tail Cast On before (even though patterns clearly called for it). So I put my big girl pants on and went to YouTube….ITS SO EASY! Here’s the link I used. It so clean looking and makes such a nice stretchy edge! I did have to take several swings at it before I let out enough yarn in the beginning to make all the cast on stitches, lol.




Now, just a few thousand more stitches before I have a finished sweater! I’m liking the Lion Brand Heartland yarn….although it can be “splitty” at times. And have tinked a few stitches and I could see how this yarn wouldn’t stand up to prolonged frogging. But it’s very soft and creates a nice fabric.

What’s on your needles this Wednesday?

14 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Antrose

  1. Looks great thus far good luck. I’m still knitting on the cabled hoody and I just got started reading the second book in the Love Comes Softly series. I must admit that I’m listening to it on my kindle while I am knitting. Cheating I know but a great way to do 2 things I love at the same time.

  2. Wow, I am amazed that you’ve never used the long-tail CO before this project! What cast on do you usually use? I’m intrigued! I’m not very adventurous with my knitting, I could use my CO horizons broadened. 🙂

      • I have used the knitted CO before but I always end up too tight. It’s amazing how many ways there are created loops with string. I really like the color you chose for this, it almost looks like pearly pale jewel tone.

  3. I almost always use a long tail cast on. I’ve found for worsted/aran weight yarns, I need to allow about an inch per cast on stitch, plus 6 more inches to have enough. It’s far less for fingering weight yarns.
    My grandmother is a fan of the knitted cast on, and then she knits the first row thru the back loop. She finds the cast on edge lays (lies?) more neatly when she does that.
    I’m on the 6th repeat of a cowl that will probably be 10 repeats tall. I feel like the pattern is getting lost in the yarn I chose, but I don’t care enough to rip it back and pick a different pattern. It’ll be lovely and functional even if the stitch pattern isn’t obvious.

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