Mitts For Myself

I’m taking the warnings seriously that my new office will be frigid this winter. I had empty needles from my rainbow vanilla socks so I wanted to start some fingerless mitts to have as my “car” knitting.

I scanned my queue and came up with the Jacoby mitts from berroco.

Photo credit @ Berroco

I dug through my stash and found some Cloudlover sock yarn in blackberry truffle that I got as stash enhancement back during #sockswithsarah in January.

The yarn is dark and I’m glad these are gloves. I don’t think I could have managed full on socks with all that dark yarn and tiny stitches.

My husband laughed at me for starting gloves in July but when you have abbreviated knitting time, what’s a girl to do?

Happy Knitting!

A Dinosaur For Jellybean

I had to put this hat into time out after my Dino-Uh Oh a few weeks ago.

But I’ve picked it back up and it’s FLYING! During nap time and daddy time I was able to knit the brim correctly including the ear flaps this past weekend. And then I worked the hat to where I need to start the crown decreases.

I’m hoping to get the hat portion done this week. Maybe I can start the Dino spikes over the weekend? But with a wee one that might just be wishful thinking…

One thing I know for sure is that this hat will be warm and soft! Now I just need to teach him how to leave on our hat!

Happy Knitting! 

So Close Yet So Far!

My lunch-time knitting seems to be progressing at a glacial pace but really I know that I’m so close!

I’m past the heel lifeline and four stripes into the leg ribbing on my Maple Vanilla socks. My internal goal is to get one stripe worked in the ribbing each work day. I think I need 13 total so I should be able to knock that out. I just keep reminding myself that a few stitches here and there really do add up!

Happy knitting!!

Halfway To Mini Minion

My yarn search was finally successful! I found sunshine yellow in a different dye lot at Michaels. But to my naked eye I couldn’t tell the difference.

But I was able to finish the hat portion. I did a “showy” decrease meaning you can see the two stitches knit together on the right side of the fabric. At first I didn’t like them but now they feel very minion like.

I’m itching to get this done and on jellybean but alas I must wait for my mom to whip up the eye embellishments. 

Happy Knitting’

FO Friday: Rainbow Vanilla Socks

Another pair of socks for the drawer!

My rainbow vanilla socks are finished! I started out not loving these but they grew on me. My only regret now is that I wish I had tightened up the ribbing. I feel a bit like these might slouch, time will tell.

Pattern: My own toe up 70 stitch vanilla sock with afterthought heel

Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Handpaints in County Fair

Needles: US 1s


Cold Snap

We have had some unseasonably awesome cool weather here in Kansas. It feels amazing! But unfortunately no one told the facilities department in my new building. It’s 60 degrees outside and the AC is running full blast. Not to mention I wore sandals today. Never fear, knitting to the rescue!

I pulled my purse knitting out and put on my one complete sock. My maple vanillas may not be done but at least one foot is warm. I seriously have been switching back and forth to warm my tootsies. Guess this just means I need to knit faster!!

Happy Kniting!

Gru’s Scarf

I totally caved…..

My husband overheard my Halloween idea and literally jumped on it. A) he loves the costume idea and B) he asked why I never made him a scarf. Where did this husband who likes knitwear come from???

I am not excited about the monotony of 7-8 foot scarf in stockinette. So I quickly decided to knit a tube and frat the end shut. I pulled some grey Caron Simply soft leftover from my grown up Sophisticate and the black from my Mini Minion Hat from the stash. I cast on 70 stitches in the round with the grey on a US 8 circular. 

Now here’s the question….are the black stripes the same size or smaller than the grey stripes? They look smaller to me but I’m not 100% sure…thoughts?

A Growing Minion

 Thanks to some 4th of July grandparents time I’ve made some progress on my mini minion hat!


I’ve completed the goggle band and ready to start the crown decreases. Unfortunately I’m out of the sunshine yellow (insert face palm here). I’ve been to two Walmarts and a Joanns so far with no dice. Apparently neon yellow is in and sunshine is out. My last hope is Michaels so fingers crossed!

I also attempted to make eyes for the minion using YouTube tutorials. Let’s just say I need more practice. My mom saw my attempts, giggled and then promised to make them for me. So I left the yarn in her hot little hands!

Happy knitting!!

FO Friday: Double Rib Toddler Hat

Tah Dah! My second FO is done from my cast on-itis!!

Pattern: Double Rib Toddler Hat by Torunn Espe 

Size: 1-2 years

Yarn: Berroco Comfort DK in Blue and Menthe

Needles: US 4 circular

Mods: omitted the I-cord on the ear flaps


This hat just fits my 9 month old. He does have a head in the 90th percentile but it’s not ginormous.  The ear flaps cover nicely. But I wish it was a bit bigger. Here’s hoping it fits in the fall! I think I’m going to knit another with the colors flipped as I have enough yarn leftover. My jogless stripes could use some practice anyway

Below is pretty much a summary of how the photo shoot went. It’s a unique challenge to get a baby to both wear the garment and sit still. But at least I think he likes it?


Happy Knitting!

Always Have A Backup

Yeaterday at lunch I pulled out my Vanilla Maple socks and saw this….

A dropped stitch that had laddered at least eight rows down. Now I’m at work with just my project bag and no tool kit. I had also had a terrible morning and was in need of some knitting therapy. I was grumpy because I didn’t want to rip back to the drop I just wanted to ladder it back up but had to wait till I had access to my tiny crochet hook. I was going to be very unhappy with nothing for my hands to do…

Then I remembered my Squirrel like nature and ran to the car for my “car” knitting as a backup. Day saved! And I have since fixed the dropped stitch and stashed a crochet hook and tapestry needle in my project bag. I learned my lesson….always have extra tools. And if all else fails, have a backup project!

Happy Knitting!