Dropped Stitch Drama

I am cruising along through the brim of my Everyday Slouchy Beanie. This has been my Zoom meeting and assorted work from home conference call knitting that I keep in my lap. I looked down tonight after I had created about an inch of fabric throughout the day to discover a d*mn dropped stitch….

So I took a fortifying drink of chamomile tea and laddered back down in floofy suri alpaca lace weight held double with sock yarn. I didn’t feel like working the dropped stitch back up as it’s own column so I just worked a K2TOG with the stitch next to it. And then worked the single column of stitches all the way back up.

The fix was pretty seamless aside from you can see the decreased stitch. The floof of the suri silk really hides a on of sins. And now I’m back on track to almost be done with the brim. This hat has a folded double brim instead of ribbing. I am almost the point I can pick up my cast on edge and work into my live stiches.

Happy knitting!!

I Just Can’t Be Trusted

I was minding my own business in my office at work and I looked over at my coat and shawl and saw……a hole!! I just fixed a hole in another shawl last month! What am I doing to my knitwear? I obviously cannot be trusted!

After some careful sleuthing, I don’t think this is a broken yarn kind of issue. I could not find any ends. Just a dangling loop, which means a dropped stitch that has been hanging around since I finished and blocked this thing in 2016. I just so happened to have some EXACT MATCHING YARN BASE AND COLOR left from one of the section of my Mini Solutions Scarf so I snipped a bit off to fix my Old Man of Storr. I used a crochet hook and fixed it to match the pattern to the best of my ability and then used the scrap yarn to tack it down on the wrong side.

It’s clearly not perfect and the pattern did get interrupted. But it doesn’t look bad if I do say so myself! No one will notice going by on a galloping horse so I’m calling it a job well done. That stitch shouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon. I’m paranoid now…should I be checking all my shawls??

Happy Knitting!!

Sock Repair!

I wore my Very Berry Vanilla Socks to work the other day with a pair of snuggly boots during our first snow this winter season.

I thought the heels felt a little small so I took them off to investigate what I should have done differently….and then I saw it….a dropped stitch laddering it’s way down. See it there? In the pink stripe in the middle of the sock?
 Well I pulled out my mending card for this pair and found a darning needle and a crochet hook! I laddered the stitch back up and used a spare piece of yarn to catch it. You can see my spare yarn below before I pulled it tight.

Then I just wove in the ends on the inside and my socks are ready to ride again!

I admit I feel a bit smart for fixing these pair and know exactly where my supplies were. We shall see how this system maintains itself over the years, lol!

Happy Knitting!

Always Have A Backup

Yeaterday at lunch I pulled out my Vanilla Maple socks and saw this….

A dropped stitch that had laddered at least eight rows down. Now I’m at work with just my project bag and no tool kit. I had also had a terrible morning and was in need of some knitting therapy. I was grumpy because I didn’t want to rip back to the drop I just wanted to ladder it back up but had to wait till I had access to my tiny crochet hook. I was going to be very unhappy with nothing for my hands to do…

Then I remembered my Squirrel like nature and ran to the car for my “car” knitting as a backup. Day saved! And I have since fixed the dropped stitch and stashed a crochet hook and tapestry needle in my project bag. I learned my lesson….always have extra tools. And if all else fails, have a backup project!

Happy Knitting!