I Just Can’t Be Trusted

I was minding my own business in my office at work and I looked over at my coat and shawl and saw……a hole!! I just fixed a hole in another shawl last month! What am I doing to my knitwear? I obviously cannot be trusted!

After some careful sleuthing, I don’t think this is a broken yarn kind of issue. I could not find any ends. Just a dangling loop, which means a dropped stitch that has been hanging around since I finished and blocked this thing in 2016. I just so happened to have some EXACT MATCHING YARN BASE AND COLOR left from one of the section of my Mini Solutions Scarf so I snipped a bit off to fix my Old Man of Storr. I used a crochet hook and fixed it to match the pattern to the best of my ability and then used the scrap yarn to tack it down on the wrong side.

It’s clearly not perfect and the pattern did get interrupted. But it doesn’t look bad if I do say so myself! No one will notice going by on a galloping horse so I’m calling it a job well done. That stitch shouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon. I’m paranoid now…should I be checking all my shawls??

Happy Knitting!!

Sweater 911

I got a call a few weeks ago from my Aunt Barb. She was packing up her summer clothes and found a summer knit/crochet shell that needed a little TLC. So she packed it off to me via USPS.

When I got the garment I could see that the sleeves were pulling away from the arm holes. I stared and looked and studied and turned the piece over and over again. For one, I couldn’t decide if it was knit or crochet! For two the pattern was complicated and there was definitely no way to frog it, re work it, and piece it back together without a pattern. And there was no pattern because this was a store bought garment.

So I surrendered and took it to the Yarn Barn in Lawrence, Ks. Even though I live in the Capitol city of Kansas…there are NO quality yarn/wool shops!! I have to drive to Manhattan or Lawrence good yarn or good advice! But that’s a rant for another time. The kind ladies at the shop studied my sweater and suggested some creative sewing to tie up the unraveling strings. What would you know? It worked!


No more gaps or holes! I was so pleased with the shop and customer service that I even bought some wool wash for my sweater project.

Here is a close up shot of the arm. There are still a few places that are stretched and a little holey but much better than when I started! (Sorry, forgot a before pic!)


The whole process took less than fifteen minutes and saved a sweater! Pretty darn proud of myself πŸ™‚

Happy Knitting!