How Cool Is 3D Printing?

I am a sucker for a good tool. My recent foray into spinning has led me to expanding my tool kit. I found some cool spinning tools on Etsy and I decided to see how the 3D printed ones would work out.

I picked up a mini skein sized knitty knoddy and some removable stitch markers. I found IGLPrinting on Etsy and they had really fast turnaround and customer service. I was really please with how my purchases turned out!

I even put the knitty knoddy to good use on my singles from yesterday!. It really made a really nice skein and the added benefit is that I could soak my skein while on it!

I think I might put this one through the paces before I go out and get a larger one. I’m interested to see how the plastic holds up to use and how much I really use it. But for now it was an affordable and fun treat for me.

Happy Knitting and Spinning!

Corner Of Craft Happiness

I received some happy mail this week. I managed to catch one of Hannah of the Corner of Craft’s shop updates. She is maker in the UK that bead weaves stitch markers among other crafts. And my package arrived very neatly packaged (and with a sample of tea, yum!).

I chose a little pink and white unicorn. And it just so tiny and perfect that I can’t help myself. I am trying to figure out which project this should live on! It’s so perfectly light that it will work for almost any project….so maybe my next pair of socks?

What would you use this stitch marker for?

Twist Shorties

My dad is a Christmas fanatic. It’s like HIS holiday and he is about the closest thing to a real life Santa as I have met. He is pretty much in charge of our family Christmas. But this year he needed a little help. He and mom have had a lot of medical appointments all winter and then they were out of town for 10 day in California. So he let me take the reigns of Christmas shopping because there was no way he could be done before Christmas.

And I did a knitter proud. I have been wanting the ChiaoGoo shorties in the sock needles for over a year. I have seen them all over the blogs and YouTube podcasts and they looked right up my alley. I knit a lot of socks and hats and it would nice to have interchangeable to fit whatever my gauge needs are. So I went stalking the internet for a set…and I found a sale! I found HelloWeCraft on Etsy was having a sale before Christmas where the sets were 20% off and FREE SHIPPING!

So I managed to snag both the sock set and the regular set without breaking my budget. There weren’t very many left and I might have cart jacked someone. Sorry not sorry! I thus far taken them out to play with all the parts but haven’t actually used them yet. But just look at what they came with!!

I’m thinking I will use the larger needles as a carrot to finish my Weekender so I can use the small circumference to knit my sleeves without needing double points!

Did Santa bring you anything knitting related?

P.S. Santa brought my dad a new pellet grill after his 20 year old gas grill tried to burn down his porch. So Dad had a pretty good Christmas too 🙂

Things Only A Knitter Sees

At my recent conference there was also a vendor fair in between the sessions. Lots of brochures and candy and a TON of trinkets. I don’t like to add clutter to my house and besides a cute thing to take home to Jellybean I didn’t plan on grabbing anything. But a few things peaked my interest. My knitter brain got very excited about the items below…

How great would the two little notebooks be for tucking into a project bag to help keep notes on patterns or mark your place? Nice post it notes and flags in all the colors! And the big book would be a great place to tuck a pattern and keep it nice and not crumpled on the bottom of a bag.

Did I need more crap? Nope! But did I score some cool things for my project bags….you bet!!

Happy Knitting!!

A Fine Ruler

I tucked another knitting wish list item into my KnitCircus purchase…why not while I was at it??

I picked up the Ann Budd Knit Gauge Ruler. I have seen this thing ALL over the knitisphere. It’s so simple and effective….tis genius and witchcraft at the same time. I tried it out on my recent finished socks.

Turns out I knit these puppies at nine stitches to the inch. The ruler was easy to use and I just kept sliding the gauge until I found my little Vs lining up with the marks.

My inner OCD accounting brain wants to go back and MEASURE ALL THE FINISHED THINGS just to see what my gauge is like. But my pregnancy brain tells that part of my brain to shush and go eat ice cream. I likely know which one will win right now, lol. But I can tell you for darn sure I will be using this going forward!

Happy Knitting!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I turn….well let’s just say a respectable number and the hubby rewarded me kindly!

First up, some lovely fragrant flowers!

And then outdid himself with this..

A Hiya Hiya knitting set with small project bag, needle gauge, and 9 inch circs in US1, US2, and US3! I did have to give him a hint by sending him an Amazon wish list as his knitting muggle-ness is quite profound. But he chose very very well! This is my first knitting related present that I didn’t buy myself, lol. 

I think I’m going to cast on some fingerless mitts for myself tonight and put my new tools to use!

Happy Knitting!

Always Have A Backup

Yeaterday at lunch I pulled out my Vanilla Maple socks and saw this….

A dropped stitch that had laddered at least eight rows down. Now I’m at work with just my project bag and no tool kit. I had also had a terrible morning and was in need of some knitting therapy. I was grumpy because I didn’t want to rip back to the drop I just wanted to ladder it back up but had to wait till I had access to my tiny crochet hook. I was going to be very unhappy with nothing for my hands to do…

Then I remembered my Squirrel like nature and ran to the car for my “car” knitting as a backup. Day saved! And I have since fixed the dropped stitch and stashed a crochet hook and tapestry needle in my project bag. I learned my lesson….always have extra tools. And if all else fails, have a backup project!

Happy Knitting!