Corner Of Craft Happiness

I received some happy mail this week. I managed to catch one of Hannah of the Corner of Craft’s shop updates. She is maker in the UK that bead weaves stitch markers among other crafts. And my package arrived very neatly packaged (and with a sample of tea, yum!).

I chose a little pink and white unicorn. And it just so tiny and perfect that I can’t help myself. I am trying to figure out which project this should live on! It’s so perfectly light that it will work for almost any project….so maybe my next pair of socks?

What would you use this stitch marker for?

4 thoughts on “Corner Of Craft Happiness

  1. I agree maybe for your next pair of socks. I don’t do socks so for me it would probably be the next item I make for one of my nieces or best friend just to make me smile as I worked it up. So cute!

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