Working From Home

I have joined millions of people across the country and the world and I’m officially working from home. I have my work laptop and my personal computer all nestled into our junk room/pantry/office space. I am lucky to be a) allowed to work from home b) have a job that will at least let me be a little productive during this physical distancing. I had to grab an old backpack and make a “bug out bag” and grab all my notebooks and manuals before leaving my work space. It was very surreal.

I decided to join others who are flashing their temporary work spaces. I still have to supervise four staff from this spot and make sure that we still keep the local government wheels moving. I’m honestly a little scared and I’m sure we are going to find many obstacles. But we are in this together and nothing lasts forever. Let’s do this!!

Sending love and hugs to those who need it!

3 thoughts on “Working From Home

  1. We have a video call huddle each day when we take some time out to chat, laugh, share a joke or two. We have a fairly large team, so it is not mandatory and you can join or miss out depending on work. I usually work from home, so this is not that different for me. But glad you can carry on and stay safe.

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