How Cool Is 3D Printing?

I am a sucker for a good tool. My recent foray into spinning has led me to expanding my tool kit. I found some cool spinning tools on Etsy and I decided to see how the 3D printed ones would work out.

I picked up a mini skein sized knitty knoddy and some removable stitch markers. I found IGLPrinting on Etsy and they had really fast turnaround and customer service. I was really please with how my purchases turned out!

I even put the knitty knoddy to good use on my singles from yesterday!. It really made a really nice skein and the added benefit is that I could soak my skein while on it!

I think I might put this one through the paces before I go out and get a larger one. I’m interested to see how the plastic holds up to use and how much I really use it. But for now it was an affordable and fun treat for me.

Happy Knitting and Spinning!