Sock Repair!

I wore my Very Berry Vanilla Socks to work the other day with a pair of snuggly boots during our first snow this winter season.

I thought the heels felt a little small so I took them off to investigate what I should have done differently….and then I saw it….a dropped stitch laddering it’s way down. See it there? In the pink stripe in the middle of the sock?
 Well I pulled out my mending card for this pair and found a darning needle and a crochet hook! I laddered the stitch back up and used a spare piece of yarn to catch it. You can see my spare yarn below before I pulled it tight.

Then I just wove in the ends on the inside and my socks are ready to ride again!

I admit I feel a bit smart for fixing these pair and know exactly where my supplies were. We shall see how this system maintains itself over the years, lol!

Happy Knitting!

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