A Zipper Incident

I had a hand knit meet with an unfortunate zipper accident. You guys…I zipped my Age of Brass and Steam kerchief into my coat zipper. And I broke the yarn! Got it right in an eyelet…

I was at work when I noticed the problem. And I could tell it was going to spread quickly. So I grabbed some waste yarn from my knitting tool tin that was close-ish to the scarf and started securing off the running stitches.

It was a little tricky because it was in an eyelet row. And I did lose a full eyelet hole in the process. But I was able to catch all the open stitches and anchor them to the next eyelet over. Is it perfect? No…but I guarantee that bunched up on my neck no one is going to notice. And if you are close enough to notice then you might just be too far in my bubble and get a little love tap as a reminder to back away, lol.

This was 100% my fault and I’m a little sad I messed up a beautiful knit but I’m super glad I could save it. Now it’s just a shawl with character and a good back story!

Happy knitting!!

Sock Repair!

I wore my Very Berry Vanilla Socks to work the other day with a pair of snuggly boots during our first snow this winter season.

I thought the heels felt a little small so I took them off to investigate what I should have done differently….and then I saw it….a dropped stitch laddering it’s way down. See it there? In the pink stripe in the middle of the sock?
 Well I pulled out my mending card for this pair and found a darning needle and a crochet hook! I laddered the stitch back up and used a spare piece of yarn to catch it. You can see my spare yarn below before I pulled it tight.

Then I just wove in the ends on the inside and my socks are ready to ride again!

I admit I feel a bit smart for fixing these pair and know exactly where my supplies were. We shall see how this system maintains itself over the years, lol!

Happy Knitting!