Wonky Button Bands

My Leksak now has finished button bands. Are they still button bands when there are no buttons? Nevertheless, I had a great time working on this. But I do admit to plowing through them at a pretty good clip after the kids’ bedtimes. And that may have triggered a bit of wonkiness in the bands.

I for SURE did not county my stitches as I was picking up each side. Even though the pattern told me to, I thought “it will be fine”. And you know what? It’s okay but not great. I can totally tell one side has a few more stitches than the other. I kinda stretched the bands for this photo so it’s not as noticeable. I get so little knitting time these days I can’t really face ripping it out and re-doing it right now. I think I’m going to finish the sleeves and block it before I decide. I mean acrylic really isn’t known for “blocking out” problems. I just need time to think on it before I decide.

As for the sleeves, I have one done! And I made a happy accident. Instead of starting my round at the underarm when I picked up the live I managed to get distracted by Netflix and start at the back of the arm.

You know what? I kind of like it. I didn’t take the time to remember/look up/actually do any jogless stripe technique. So now the jog is at the back of the sweater where on a baby you won’t actually see it as much. (Honestly, jogs never really bothered me all that much.) This placement kind of made sense in my brain and I think I will repeat it on the second sleeve!

Happy Knitting!!

Cast On: Leksak

I had finished PB’s Second Sporty Cardigan and I couldn’t stand the thought of not knitting cute baby girl sweaters. So I did some Ravelry searching and stash diving to find a good match.


I found Leksak by Yarn-Madness. It’s a top down raglan style tunic (or pullover if you prefer) made for DK yarn. It has an interesting button band construction I found intriguing and I had two colors of Berroco Comfort DK languishing in my stash. Comfort DK is a 50/50 acrylic and nylon blend so very washable and very durable. And I like the idea of a tunic for my sweet PB. And I am for SURE making the open front construction versus the pullover closed construction. (P.S. Leksak is Swedish for “toy” and I am of Swedish decent so I that kinda hooked me as well.)

The colors are a minty green and bright blue I originally got for making hats. While not a a pairing I would normally make I think they actually work well now that I can see them knit up together. I will be playing a small bit of yarn chicken on this project but I think with some strategic order of operations and yarn management I can make it work.

Happy Knitting!!

FO Friday: Double Rib Toddler Hat

Tah Dah! My second FO is done from my cast on-itis!!

Pattern: Double Rib Toddler Hat by Torunn Espe 

Size: 1-2 years

Yarn: Berroco Comfort DK in Blue and Menthe

Needles: US 4 circular

Mods: omitted the I-cord on the ear flaps


This hat just fits my 9 month old. He does have a head in the 90th percentile but it’s not ginormous.  The ear flaps cover nicely. But I wish it was a bit bigger. Here’s hoping it fits in the fall! I think I’m going to knit another with the colors flipped as I have enough yarn leftover. My jogless stripes could use some practice anyway

Below is pretty much a summary of how the photo shoot went. It’s a unique challenge to get a baby to both wear the garment and sit still. But at least I think he likes it?


Happy Knitting!

FO Friday: A Pair of Lacy Caps

Last winter I gifted by my first Lacy Cap to a co-worker. The hat didn’t suit my head shape or my style but I couldn’t frog it. I found it a good home instead! And a couple of weeks ago the co-worker emailed me about getting a couple more hats. She lives with her sister who was constantly borrowing the hat. So for her sister’s birthday I whipped up a couple more hats over vacation, introducing:

Chloe’s Lacy Cap #1 in Berroco Comfort Dk in Menthe






And Chloe’s Lacy Cap #2 in Berroco Comfort DK in Primary Blue





I must say I was a little miffed with this project. I used the exact same pattern, with the exact same needles, and the exact same yarn in two different colorways. And the mint green hat turned out slightly bigger and more slouchy than the darker blue one. I hemmed and hawed over redoing the green one to make it more like the blue one. But in the end I decided that variety is the spice of life and I really didn’t want to re-do the hat. It could be that even though the yarn is the same weight that the batches were off. Or maybe I watching a tense TV show when making the blue one. Who knows? I highly doubt anyone but myself is going to notice the difference, lol

So these hats are gift wrapped and ready for delivery to their new owner. And I’m ready for weekend of relaxed knitting in front of the TV watching the Women’s Softball College World Series. It’s pretty much the only sport that the hubs and I will watch together. I hope everyone out there has a great weekend planned!

Happy Knitting!