WIP Wednesday: Jacoby Mitts

 One mitt is in the books! This worked up crazy fast, which is good because I don’t have a lot of knitting time these days.


I love how something all scrunched up (below) can turn into loveliness (above). God bless ribbing!

I did do some mods like knitting an extra inch off the arm portion. I wanted something that would tuck up under my sleeves. The thumb opening is tight but not uncomfortable. Someone warned me about this so I was nervous. And I knit the hand portion until it covered my knuckles. I’m super happy! 

I even made sure to cast on the second mitt before this filtered to the bottom of my knitting bag. This yarn makes my heart go pitter patter so I doubt these take long to finish!


Happy Knitting!

Mitts For Myself

I’m taking the warnings seriously that my new office will be frigid this winter. I had empty needles from my rainbow vanilla socks so I wanted to start some fingerless mitts to have as my “car” knitting.

I scanned my queue and came up with the Jacoby mitts from berroco.

Photo credit @ Berroco

I dug through my stash and found some Cloudlover sock yarn in blackberry truffle that I got as stash enhancement back during #sockswithsarah in January.

The yarn is dark and I’m glad these are gloves. I don’t think I could have managed full on socks with all that dark yarn and tiny stitches.

My husband laughed at me for starting gloves in July but when you have abbreviated knitting time, what’s a girl to do?

Happy Knitting!