A Question Of Leftovers

I finished my Jacoby mitts and posted yesterday. I only used 40 grams of yarn out of 100 total. That meant I have 60 grams of yummy yarn goodness leftover. I considered making another pair of gloves. But my brain wanted a change up. So I thought why not split the leftovers into two balls and knit two toe-up socks until I run out of yarn. I’m thinking my basic 68 stitch vanilla sock worked from the inside of the ball with afterthought heel worked from the outside of the ball. That way I can finish the heel and maximize my leftovers. And to make sure I’d get a start on this during Jellybean’s nap time I weighed and wound up the leftovers, pulled. the correct needles, and got everything including notions pulled into one project bag.

I have no excuse to start these ASAP right? What do you do with your leftovers?

20 thoughts on “A Question Of Leftovers

  1. I don’t normally have a lot of leftovers. Either I’m knitting a SET of something, so most (if not all) of a larger skein of yarn gets used. For smaller skeins- I usually just add the little leftover bits to my cat’s yarn balls. He loves making yarn art (all over the living room), and the different colors adds more flavor and depth to his creations. 😀

  2. Sadly, with the volume of yarn and knitting that I have / do, my leftovers almost equate to a store’s worth as well! I can’t bear to get rid of any of it and so, make hexis, and keep all weights organized for log cabin afghans, scrap quilts, etc. The issue is, then I don’t want to use “real” knitting time for “make do” knitting! I may bag them into surprise packs to sell on Etsy, as all the scraps are good quality or Indie. Not today though, I have knitting to do 🙂

  3. I have created a few patterns for fingerless gloves in differing sizes and shapes, so just make 2 more balls of yarn and try to use them up. Sometimes I trim a pair with a different yarn leftovver.

  4. I’m saving mine for a challenging, but delicious Up-Down Entrelac patttern by Kathryn Alexander in Ann Budd’s book Sock Knitting: Master Class. I can’t wait to see how these turn out one day;-)

  5. I keep mine for my beekeepers quilt, so I’m always excited to have scrap sock yarn. One sock pattern I really like that takes a small amount of yarn ishttp://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/mouthed. It’s a little tricky bat makes perfect ankle socks that actually stay on!

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  7. Charity knits. fingering + Worsted weight yarn, held together, make very durable and warm socks. Other left overs go into the charity knitting box for hats and mittens.

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