WIP Wednesday: Party Cake Vanilla Socks

Good Wednesday morning to all! I have a be WIP. I’ll pause for you to absorb the shock….

I felt the need for more vanilla socks in my life and grabbed the Show Me Yarns Bootheel in the party cake peeps color from Knitting in The Heartland and got cracking.

Thanks to some grandparents baby sitting and the new Avengers movie (I’ll spare you my opinion on that) I cruised through the foot of the sock and started the gusset increases! I’m just working my standard 68 stitch toe up vanilla sock on US 1s. 

The speckles are just darn addicting. I can’t put this down! Definitely a winner in my 2016 Sock Yarn Experiment. This dyer has great color sense and the yarn base is pretty easy to work with. I’m smitten 😍

Happy Knitting!

Another (Almost) Finished Baby Sweater

My second Baby Sophisticate is done! Ok, well the knitting is done anyway…

This is the Baby Sophisticate by Linden Down. I knit it using Bernat Satin Solids in royal blue. It’s got quite a bit of shine to it but the blue is just so rich it’s going to look gorgeous on the blue eyed babe it’s destined for.

I worked this pattern back to back and I have to admit this second one was quite a slog. Even for a tiny baby sweater. But alas I persevered! I even managed to dig through my mom’s button and ribbon stash to find grosgrain ribbon and buttons for both this and the first baby sophisticate. I’m hoping to have some time this weekend to work on the finishing.

Happy Knitting!

FO Friday: Baby Sophisticate

I’ve done this pattern now six times and I still simply adore it. The sweater is knit, washed and blocked. I still need to install the buttons and grosgrain ribbon (and weave in the ends) but I couldn’t wait to share this (almost) FO!

I think I’m going to wait until I can dig through my mom’s button and ribbon stash. 😜

Happy Knitting!

Mothers Day Cast On

The Prairie Girls of the Prairie Girls Knit and Spin podcast have a Mother’s Day tradition I decided to adopt!

The deal is you cast on a just for your project on Mother’s Day and take pic of your kiddo holding the yarn or project. Then you get some unadulterated knitting time to work on it! I’ve already informed my husband this is what I want.

I pulled my 600 yard skein of Cashmere Super Toes sock in the Pieces of Eight color way that I got at Knitting In The Heartland this year. And I found a perfect pattern, Old Man of Storr shawlette by Carie Harling. It’s triangle shawl in mostly garter stitch that should help me maximize this mega-skein!

Happy Knitting!

WIP Wednesday: Beach Glass Vanilla Socks

I might be becoming addicted to sport weight sock yarn….

Thanks to some recent windshield time I’ve finished sock #1 and have a good start on #2. The pooling/flashing is much more pleasing to my eye over 62 stitches than the 68 I started with. Not to mention the fit is much better!

I’m making this pair an honorary member of my 2016 sock yarn experiment and it’s one of my favorites so far. The yarn is Mint Rin Hand Dyed Sport Sock in the beach glass color way. I’ll definitely be getting more of this!

Happy Knitting!

More Little Old Man Sweaters

I’m in that season of life where my friends are having ALL THE BABIES. And lately it’s been a string of boys which suits me fine because like I said last week, I’m obsessed with tiny baby old man sweaters!

I couldn’t resist and started another Baby Sophisticate by Linden Down. This time out of some deep stash Bernat Satin in Royal Blue. This is destined for a little boy that if he’s anything like his sister he’s going to have the most amazing blue eyes. 

I’m just now ready to separate from the sleeves. And of course do the finishing on my Uptown Worsted baby sophisticate….

Happy Knitting!

Falling Out Of Love

I’ve had a Clapo-ktus on the needles since Jellybean was a few weeks old. It looks like this…

The yarn is great, the pattern is great, the FO will be beautiful but I just don’t love it anymore. It takes so much brain power to count my stitches and it’s hard to set down in order to chase Jellybean away from danger. I need more simplicity in my life. I think I’m going to rip this and cast on something garter related.

Maybe 22.5 degrees by Martina Behm….