Casting On Memories

I’ve been hoarding my sock leftovers like tiny balls of gold. I’ve been dreaming of Hexi-puffs and mitre squares. I want to gather all these great scraps and memories. (Spoiler alert…I’m getting sappy because my tiny baby has turned in to a toddler overnight. How did that happen!?)

I did feel a bit overwhelmed at starting something so…long term. So I just dove in!

I started with the mitre square part first. (Ignore my wonky edge…that will be hidden by the next square). I’m going to frame each square in some grey sock yarn to ease the transition for some of my crazier colors. I can’t decide if I want to work a square and a hexi-puff concurrently or just wing it with both. I have more than enough scrap yarn to do several of each kind. Maybe I’ll even make a Frankenstein sock of leftovers. I’ve got more ideas than knitting time, lol. Time will tell…

Happy Knitting!

7 thoughts on “Casting On Memories

  1. I love this idea…but all those ends to weave in??? And I know exactly what you mean: somehow my baby turned into a cranky 12yo when I wasn’t paying attention!

  2. I spent several hours last night working on my mitre square blanket. I only have a dozen or so squares knit so far. I was thinking about knitting Franken Socks with 2 strands held together so they would be more like slipper socks.

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